Making a Bond Car Top Gear Collab Part 1

Making a Bond Car Top Gear Collab Part 1

My name’s Furze… Colin Furze haha. Project 00Furze is go with some Bond classics and added Furze/Top Gear gadgets………Stay tuned for more Firepower and extra devices in the next video.

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First Track is some Music library James Bond like tune

Tune Over the Top Gear Jazz is called “Light Bulb” by “The Rival”

3rd Track is called “Go Hard or Go Home” bu “Plot 32”

4th Track is Called “Run Hide” by “Bedside Manner”

5th Track is called “Honey Hold Back” by “St Peters Dream”

6th Track is Classical Handel by “Look Mum No Computer”

7th Track is called “Mirrors” by “Wolfs”

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62 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    So what else you want to see on this thing……..
    ‘Check out Top Gear’s Bond Car Special, this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

  2. Conor McSweeny says:

    Only Colin would make a smoke system that smokes out himself, and an oil slick that allows the car to drift aha

    • Bearded Frog says:

      Did I miss how the he was planning to have the smoke be removed from the car after or is that not part of the plan lol? I feel like that needs to be a thing….

    • Bophades Nutz says:

      nah you see, they’re actually anti-theft devices to sabotage someone trying to steal the car!

    • Karston Watkins says:

      @Bearded Frog roll the windows down?

    • Zed Fifth says:

      All of these are detrimental. Oil needs to come out back He is gonna kill himself with this oil over his own tires. Smoke in car needs to be remote to stop a thief NOT HIMSELF!!!. Glass needed to tent dark and light on command. What is he even going!? Maybe 3 licenses plates that rotate and running lights that light up different with a button. That’s a good why to disappear.

  3. Jeff Geerling says:

    Watched for the build, liked for the puns.

    “License to drill.”
    “Try another day.”

  4. mistertadakichi says:

    “I can’t make the car go invisible on my budget” alright lads let’s get Colin enough of a budget to make this happen

  5. _ says:

    I didn’t know Top Gear still existed untill this point

  6. Samoop says:

    Meanwhile tinted windows:
    “Am I a joke to you?”

  7. Nesem says:

    Imagine the views if top gear was still associated with the old cast

  8. Something Nothing says:

    Love the LOOKMUMNOCOMPUTER synthesiser music. That man’s a legend. Him and colin are both insane

  9. Stoopydh says:

    I just remembered that Colin has a weapon license thanks to the overpowered spud gun. I really hope he makes the use of it!

  10. Vishwadeep Sonawane says:

    I like how Colin said “I can’t build an invisible car in my budget” instead of saying “that’s friggin bollocks to even think of that.”

  11. Mark Reviews says:

    Seeing as Colin Furze is a real-life “Q”, I’d say this is the perfect crossover.

  12. Chris Lev says:

    All the years people have been trying to kill bond and colin builds a car to sort him out in 5 minutes.

  13. TÜRKBOL says:

    RJVX12 bring me 300% profit because of Tesla pump

  14. Görkem Daimi Demirel says:

    just google RJVX12 algorithm and don’t worry

    • bitelaserkhalif 平家boy says:

      Typical Russian crypto scam, ppl has send some money but cannot withdraw any.

      Also your old project, vectracoin is a shitcoin

  15. InappropriateVideos says:

    Adds explosives to the front, adds a system that makes him blind, then a system that makes it impossible to control. Good plan.

    • Johnathan Doe says:

      I mean it’s fitting, because James Bond is the worst secret agent ever anyway. Literally the first thing he does is identify himself ‘Hi I’m Bond, James Bond’ 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  16. Hacksmith Industries says:

    Love it!!! So glad top gear sponsored this! I’m excited to see the next parts!

    Makes me want to bring back my ’79 MGB spycar project… it had taser door handles, flamethrower exhaust, ejection seat, oil slick dispenser, and a built in portable movie theater projector — we had plans for like 32 gadgets in total, but the series wasn’t very popular at the time… and MGBs aren’t the most reliable vehicles 😆

  17. james guymer says:

    Not gonna lie I was hoping to see Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson in your workshop

  18. Max says:

    Therapist: “Colin Furze without a suit on doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you.”
    Colin Furze Without a Suit On: 6:43

  19. NavalGod75 says:

    Alternate title:

    “Colin makes an asthma inducing bond car with flame throwers that would probably just get blown back by the wind and set the oil slick on fire thus starting a huge fire resulting in the end of that Bond car.”

    A little long but it’ll work…

  20. Sean Beardon says:

    Colin Furze, I would like to insure my car…
    Insurance Company, Ok Mr Furze does it have any modifications?

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