Making A Murderer – Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Making A Murderer – Trailer – Netflix [HD]

He served 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good.

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20 Responses

  1. dmbkersh says:

    “Ok guys, SERIAL made x amount of dollars, it’s time to tap into that
    market!”… But for real, I’m looking forward to watching this.

  2. 729Drew says:

    Look…govt officials & cops never lie or break the law so this guy must be

  3. nick tran says:

    im so confused so he got arrested then was release then arrested for

  4. Chad Hotelling says:

    I wish Serial did this story instead of the new one. Not a fan of season 2
    so far.

  5. Green God says:

    He did it! His nephew helped him and confessed! They shackled her to a bed
    and raped her multiple times before stabbing her and slitting her throat!

  6. Green God says:

    So the argument this doc will make is that the 18 years he spent in prison
    made him do what he did?!

  7. Abbey Dale says:

    Looks like a job for ‘Adam ruins everything’ presenter to solve this.

  8. Jimmy Ramzey says:

    Perfect and awesome job Netflix

  9. Matt Hannel says:

    read about this guy. he was a psycho to begin with and it was probably good
    he was in prison and is now

  10. Nathan Leonard says:

    Did anyone else think that was Ray Liotta in the thumbnail ?

  11. sebastian cuello says:

    I saw this man on forensic files. The US criminal justice system is

  12. MattDaniek says:

    I live in Wisconsin, this is exactly how the justice system is here.
    Especially with sexual assault.

  13. Jared Fogle says:

    Fuck the Police!

  14. Mike Jones (Bed-Stuy's Beast) says:

    So… I myself, ACTUALLY KILL PEOPLE, yet I don’t get convicted whatsoever?

    Wow.. this country is so corrupt.

  15. XxquickscoperXx getrekt says:

    Now my name is earl please

  16. Brittany Duvlin says:

    I really want to see this it’s seems good

  17. Jonathan Bonilla says:

    Why is this trending only 100,000 views , this isn’t trending

  18. Daph says:

    If I had one wish it would be to attain a deathnote

  19. gritngravy says:

    some of you would probably become a murderers too if you were locked up for
    something you didn’t do and then let go and just told to get over it.
    prison changes people into monsters if they are not bad people already.
    they need to make sure they actually investigate instead of just “guess”.

  20. Jarett Gilbert says:

    Gonna have to binge.