Making A Song With NLE CHOPPA!

Making A Song With NLE CHOPPA!


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29 Responses

  1. Kai Cenat says:


  2. Surfer FN says:

    We can all agree that Kai is the perfect YouTuber to watch while eating

  3. Keeyuh says:

    that girl at the end said “BYE” 😂😂😂

  4. jetlifing says:

    Kai could really teach a master class on branding and how he built an empire off “bust down rollie; avalanche” 😂

  5. KingSuperior says:

    I’m joking I’m not Mr Beast 😂😂

  6. David #BKG says:

    I love Kai. He’s hilarious most of the time but he has his moments of cringe lol

  7. QuickShot says:

    i’m frl excited for this song. i’m tryna hear dis 😮‍💨

  8. FAT RENZO says:

    Now we can say it’s your first time rapping it cause you did it the right way 😂

  9. Kickinitwiththecoolkid says:

    Seeing Kai do shit like this put a smile on my face bro really from NY doing it big

  10. pocketrocket 3800 says:

    Great things take time! Song gonna be 🔥 you got NLE ON IT TOO!

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