making and eating my first ever deep dish pizza

making and eating my first ever deep dish pizza


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50 Responses

  1. Laura Falb says:

    the great british baking show stan in me: the salt kills the yeast julen!!

    • B says:

      so weird to me that Americans call it that ? it’s the great British bake off!!

    • Kary Francisco says:

      Then he goes and makes it an ENRICHED dough with eggs which will inhibit the rise even more! Ha. Love GBBO.

    • Kaisasha says:

      +Kary Francisco Does vegan egg substitute react in the same way? I mean of course there has to be a reason why it’s used to replace eggs, so at least some properties are the same, but I was just wondering.

    • Kary Francisco says:

      +Kaisasha Actually I’m not sure, I forgot that it was substitute… I guess I forget they’re vegan sometimes because vegan food has come so far lol. So I’m not sure.

    • Maikoa says:

      yeast love sugar so it’s better to put a pinch of sugar in it and later salt it.

  2. Samantha Bradley says:

    Coat the dough/bowl in oil to prevent cracking/drying out

  3. a. bre says:

    no one:

    literally no one:

    not a single soul:

    julien: bepbepbepbepbepbepbep

  4. AlmostEmily says:

    glad we got our classic old “BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP” dance and song

  5. Hannah Weeks says:

    As an Australian I am proud of the Lunatics reference you made Julz

  6. Kelly Lisbeth says:

    3:57 I had ACTUAL heart palpitations from that mixer being on and just casually sitting on the counter. julien I SWEAR BOI

  7. Michael Kunkel says:

    This inspired me….to go reheat some falafel in the micro

  8. Grizz says:

    Native Chicagoan here. Hella close approximation. Perfect that crust and you’re spot on. Next time, try lightly sauteed spinach, garlic, and mushroom as a filling. It’s the fucking best.

  9. Kassie May says:

    “We cooked banana peels last time”
    Please don’t include us, we’re innocent, we had nothing to do with that, how dare you

  10. Megan Caldaia says:

    Was that a Chris Lilley/Lunatics Reference at around 10:33???

  11. Annie Gold says:

    egg and baking powder in pizza dough? my pizza heart is bleeding ?

    • Touching The Rainbow says:

      Annie Gold baking powder is a really good idea for gluten free pizza because the gluten free four doesn’t have enough strength to trap as much gas as wheat dough. So adding more leavening helps a lot.

  12. chloe neville says:

    Julien: Don’t mess around like me with the pressure cooker
    Also Julien: Leaves the hand mixer on and spinning sideways on the bench

  13. sofia molleda says:

    julien: *makes seven cooking videos in a row*

    me: _had to do it to them_

  14. ashliteen says:

    Julien: be more careful than me using that pressure cooker
    Julien: *sets hand mixer on full speed sideways on counter*

    • Bella YourFella says:

      ashliteen I was thinking the exact same thing?

    • Johku says:

      I need asmr after watching Julien cook. But I tell myself – if it’s in the internet he propably survived. And yet he is still somehow much better than me!

  15. kandice marie says:

    *can you make and try popular carnival food but obviously vegan/plant based versions?! funnel cakes, and other fried goodies.*

  16. jade smish says:

    as an australian, thank you so much for the chris lilley reference

  17. thekillerkind says:

    i just want to know how the other pizza turned out ???

  18. Celine Ak says:

    I’m not even vegan but still love watching these videos! Keep up the good work chef Julen!

  19. catherine slater says:

    You’re becoming a cooking channel and honestly I’m here for it

  20. DANGER MEN AT WORK says:

    instructions unclear, got encouraged to get food poisoning 🙁

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