Making History: NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! (#LaunchAmerica Success May 30, 2020)

Making History: NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! (#LaunchAmerica Success May 30, 2020)

Watch history unfold on Saturday, May 30, as NASA and SpaceX launch astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station. This mission marks the first time since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011 that humans will fly to the space station from U.S. soil. The mission’s first launch attempt on Wednesday, May 27 was scrubbed due to weather conditions. 

Tune in starting at 11 a.m. EDT as NASA and SpaceX provide joint, live coverage from launch to arrival at the space station. Teams are targeting 3:22 p.m. EDT for the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft atop a Falcon 9 rocket from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Crew Dragon is scheduled to dock to the space station on Sunday, May 31.

Learn more about the mission:

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40 Responses

  1. Annabel O’Brien says:

    I have been waiting for this 😁

  2. Mirren Evers says:

    This was incredible I love this there are so many amazing astronauts it’s so magical to see the other side of the world there are so many things to discover the universe has so many unknown secrets I’m very excited for the future💕

  3. W4tched says:

    13 million views, 19 comments


  4. Ryan Marper says:

    donde esta el wey de los minutos???

  5. Kraka Toa says:

    Launch starts at 4:23:27

  6. Anton Tolstov says:

    Привет из России!
    Мы поздравляем вас.

  7. Max Woellers says:

    This shows what great things collaborating can achieve… Amazing to watch and congrats to NASA and SpaceX!

  8. Adrian Tavoletti says:

    Aca esta tu comentario en español :v

  9. Claudia Bolaños says:

    Imagine how hard it probably was for them to sleep the night before.

  10. romanmir01 says:

    This is awesome, the first time a private spaceship brought people into space. Congratulations SpaceX!

  11. Rita Garcia says:

    En Costa Rica 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷viví hoy vi el lanzamiento por el canal de ustedes de Youtube estuvo increíble y impresionante muchas felicidades

  12. TrixAreForKids says:

    This song quote seems fitting I guess…

    “This is major Tom to ground control.
    Im stepping through the door.
    And Im floating in the most preculiar way.
    And the stars look very different, today.”

    -David Bowie 5 days before the Apollo 11 launch in 1969

  13. Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D. says:

    In addition to SpaceX, as a Harvard Neuroscientist, I’m incredibly excited about Elon’s NeuraLink and will be soon releasing vids that will go into how it works and what it may be able to accomplish. Sub if interested. Details verifying my background/affiliations can be found in my “about” section. Cheers. 🧠⚡🤯🚀

  14. ImCian! :D says:

    4:23:08 For the Launch.

  15. Rob Kelly says:

    1:21:36. why does he pronounce “Spaccccccce Forccccccccce” like a snake?

  16. ツANDY says:

    Por que siempre hay un calvo en el espacio ? xd

  17. Роман Малафей says:

    so why nobody sees donald’s magnificent oratorical skills and how much he’s good at motivation..

  18. Shadow says:

    Die haben die baschics auf jeden Fall gemacht!

  19. Alex Woozia says:

    Launch 30 seconds before -4:56:25

  20. Bob the Small dog says:

    I watched the whole thing
    Can’t wait for this story to follow tomorrow

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