Making liquid air

Making liquid air

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Today I’ll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.


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48 Responses

  1. Den says:

    ugh bartender please give me a cold one
    nile: here you go mate

    • L A says:

      @Nicolás Vergara the way I pictured it was like maybe like ur torso exploding or something lol 😆

    • T ForEVER says:

      Side effect : it will expand your stomach a bit
      *A bit like thousand times volume

    • memeules rift says:

      @AnUnapologeticApologist hmmmm but will i die if i touch it?

    • Marco Florian says:

      @memeules rift no, but you will lose the finger that thouch it, or at least severerly burn it for the cold

    • memeules rift says:

      @Marco Florian….what if i touch it fast? I know that you can tuch liquid nitrogen if you dont hold your hand it it for to long…

  2. TBAG [Epic Gaming] says:

    This is the type of channel I dont mind seeing blow up because of the new short videos on YouTube. Better than those annoying TikTok crap

  3. Ray Tan says:

    Nile: I have over 25ml of liquid air
    Five seconds later: not any more

  4. seg162 says:

    I can’t believe you managed to liquefy a bag of Lays chips.

    • Radku says:


    • Cryptic Scrutiny says:

      Holy shit my dude 😂. Holy shit😂. How you do dis?

    • Tyler Patterson says:

      @ScHoolBoy D no you ruined it because the comment was responding to the dude who was probably having a stroke.

    • Eric Acio says:

      Im sorry i’m just passing by to remind myself of a video I watched in yt where the comment section of the video makes a joke about the video which was ruined when someone explained the joke making him the new joke. And now I had to explain why I had to leave a comment which maybe altered my original intention when I could just have typed “ff” or a dot in the comment. Do you think I have bad life decisions?

    • Csd15 says:

      @MaccaCheese debatable

  5. Head Chef says:

    Rest in piece to all of those kickstarters about self filling water bottles

    • fedacheese0 says:

      Wait is that a thing?!

    • Stefan Reich says:

      @fedacheese0 It’s a nice idea… that just doesn’t work

    • ExtremeFear says:

      @fedacheese0 look up fontus self refilling water. The company was full of crap and went bankrupt.

    • PHENOM says:

      Self filling water bottles aka Peltier effect dehumidifiers with minimal efficiency and also low power output.

    • Hadley Canine says:

      If you accept the size of the solar panel needed, and decide that size isn’t an issue, you could swap out the peltier cooler with a more traditional heat pump. Huge initial investment, but you could totally get free water out of this tech that’s completely passively powered.

      Ultimately though, unless you’re living on Tatooine it’s just not worth the investment to get into moisture farming.

  6. carson caddell says:

    Forbidden water imagine how hard this would hit if you drank it after waking up thirst in the middle of the night

    • Ascend says:

      @Nandang Holil Al Wazir you can’t be serious

    • Joe B Son OSRS says:

      @Nick yea because who tf is drinking liquids that are that cold? Go ahead and drink it and let me know how that goes

    • Joe B Son OSRS says:

      @Nick let me guess you were also a ufc fighter and an astronaut before also?

    • Eric Acio says:

      Im no fuckin doctor but im sane enough to have learned about how Liquid Nitrogen will affect organic matter, say a human esophagus’ exposure to it after passing Leidenfrost effect temps it will all go down bleached white in color devoid of oxygenated blood causing frostbite the color then changes to green when pus start to accumulate and then black means it is nearing cell necrosis. So yeah thanks for your advice doc that’ll get you a Darwin someday.

    • Bryan Smith says:

      @Nick Brawndo!

  7. Cody Cessna says:

    It’s a cold, fizzy drink and a deep breath all at once. Refreshing.

  8. Nawa Fuu says:

    “Turn the power dial, *just a bit* ”

    Yeah, the last time you cranked that thing all the way up was 5 minutes before the last ice age.

  9. [Myst_ Infernal] says:

    My little sister:* being all smart *

    Me: Here, drink this refreshing water, might cool you alot :>

  10. Navneet Singh says:

    I can’t be the only one curious to see what happens if he turns the knob all the way up 😤

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