Making SANDIA LOCAS with DAISY MARQUEZ!! | Louie’s Life

Making SANDIA LOCAS with DAISY MARQUEZ!! | Louie’s Life

For today’s video, I decided to do another cooking video with mi amigis Daisy Marquez! CMON MARQUEZ!!! We decided to try to make Sandia Locas! They were so good! We added chamoy, Tajin, gummy worms, takis, hot Cheetos and a bunch of other candies. They actually were not that hard to make. We spilled some chisme while making the sandias and talked about other stuff. I hope you guys got some good laughs!
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40 Responses

  1. Louie's Life says:

    A little SANDIA MOMENT!!!!

  2. Saira Flores says:

    How many times did they say “you are me (doing something)”

  3. Sashmua says:

    Why was Daisy cutting the kids watermelon like that ?

  4. Elizabeth RojoOlguin says:

    I died when he slammed her head against the table

  5. J Dl says:

    10:18 “pero está tapado” that’s gonna be you guys after eating all that ????

  6. Clarissa Robles says:

    “Throwing gummy warms “ louie “me getting ride of my hombres”?

  7. Monse Calvo says:

    I died when Louie slammed Daisy’s head on the Hot Cheetos ???

  8. Alejandra Angel says:

    When Louie says “ I got make sure that the government erases the color Tiffany blue “ lmao ??

  9. Dennice Castro says:

    Daisy: “We can share germs”
    Louie: “We can share hombres” I can’t with him ??

  10. lul rosé says:

    is that the watermelon that was in daisys suit case ? lmao ?♥️

  11. Us kidz says:

    You and Daisy should make an Omegle video???????Porque tiraste mi worm, louie:eats worm?

  12. Spill The Teaaa says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Daisy: The texture of the watermelon complements the crunchiness of the hot cheetos.

  13. Julianna Lopez says:

    take a shot everytime they say “you are me” or “a little __ moment” ? ?

  14. The Mexican Mommy Adriana Sanchez says:

    Daisy is so loyal to stand that close to Louie while he was holding the knife..
    haha cuz he is clumsy haha ?

  15. Eva De La Torre says:

    I don’t know why but Louie reminds me of el Diablo from the powerpuff girls ??

  16. Alexis Bahena says:

    You already know I gotta get my hot Cheetos for Louie’s videos ?

  17. MENDES ARMY Limelight says:


    • GirlySniper10 says:

      MENDES ARMY Limelight lmao I thought no one will notice except about a couple ppl that know the movie I was like ayyee

  18. JAY SMITH says:

    Me over here trying not to eat while whaching this and also trying not to get my mouth watery??

  19. VigilErik says:

    It’s not a cooking video when your not cooking anything it’s more of a DIY compa

  20. juanita rincon says:

    “My dad gave birth to a whole garden” whatttt daisy???

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