Making the Best Trap in Minecraft

Making the Best Trap in Minecraft

Minecraft traps are waaaayyy too easy to avoid. Eating a golden apple, wearing armor, and even walking around them is usually enough to beat any minecraft trap. So today I am going to engineer what I think to be the best and deadliest possible trap in Minecraft. And afterwards test it against the two most untrappable minecraft players from lifesteal SMP: rekrap2 and Parrot

Featuring the one and only: @rekrap2 & @Parrot

this video is actually a remake of one of my old videos that I think deserved more views and I didn’t do it justice in the past. If you’ve seen that one then thanks for sticking around lol

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Castle in the intro:
Detectors by MethodZz:
Computer virus footage:
Music from Epidemic Sound EXCEPT
Aizen theme (Treachery):
Low of Solipsism:
no money tho 🙁
(worth it)

This is a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more research based series dedicated to over-answering questions you never asked.

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29 Responses

  1. Wifies says:

    what’s an elytra?

  2. doctor4t says:

    I love how you went on those tangeants explaining simple traps, just to end up creating an absolutely unexpected behemoth of a trap. The complexity is amazing!

  3. rekrap2 says:

    10/10 trap!

  4. Dolphin Go Ree account says:

    Summary: the perfect trap is one that lures them into a false sense of security with a small, powerful-but-avoidable decoy. The mechanism must be sneaky enough that upon discovery they will think it’s the main trap. However, there is a much larger secondary mechanism that creates a massive, inescapable trap while simultaneously rendering them unable to counter it while they otherwise could. Any remaining chances to escape are countered with the psychological effect of the trap, shocking them and slowing their reactions

    • Max E says:

      The vid was staged given the chance anyone would take an elytra or enderpearls

    • Astral Java says:

      @Mr Night Prime ya see they get emotional damage before they could even react this killing them via the void

    • Kyne Purazo says:

      Like Gromek999’s ftw trap
      First some darts
      Next a Boulder
      Next even more Boulders covering the whole thing
      Your hp is expected to be low at this point
      Get suffocated by silt
      The only way of escaping this is with tp

    • Mr Night Prime says:

      It can be counter via elythra or pearls

  5. Violet says:

    Love the concept of the video man! keep it up

  6. McMakistein says:

    Holy moly, never saw that coming! True work of art! O_o

  7. Tiny Jake says:

    Huh, this trap is perfect, besides the fact that elytras and pearls exist, and the fact that it gives literally so much time to react to.

  8. Panimal says:

    Wifies is on his villian arc

  9. Nickvoid says:

    This is the most incredible trap I’ve ever seen I’m impressed by your work!

  10. ComboClips says:

    I dont even wanna know how long these videos take to make, the editing is really good, the amount of clips you had to record is insane

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