Making the Hulkbuster Part 1-Legs, Huge Hydraulic Legs

Making the Hulkbuster Part 1-Legs, Huge Hydraulic Legs

Building the Hulkbuster suit is a near impossible task as what you see in the film is just a CGI peice of make believe, in the real world making a robot thats slim, fast and powerful is something companies have spent years and millions of pounds trying to do and with little success.
But myself and eBay think the Hulkbuster is to cool not recreate, so in whats going to become my most complicated project ever I want to create a Buster you can sit in and feel power. All the hydraulic components and parts have all been sourced from their site.

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51 Responses

  1. wi11y1960 says:

    If it can shift its weight it will walk

  2. Billy Beane says:

    Colin thanks for putting on regular you tube so us peons that won’t pay for yt Red get to checvk it out.

  3. Raptor Jesus says:

    And we’re absolutely 100% certain Colin isn’t a super-villain? I mean underground base, all sorts of various weapons and ludicrous vehicles and now this…. we’re onto you Furzy boy!

  4. Edwin O'Gray says:

    This kinda reminds me of time when Tony built the Mark 1 suit in a cave.

  5. I want to be a Lime says:

    Colin will be the guy who makes the first working iron man suit

  6. MushyPeaModz WebbCFW says:

    I wanna see colins ebay order history

  7. Ryan M. says:

    This will be good
    But it needs to fly

    • Sketch it D.I.Y says:

      Ryan M. That’s must be more than a ton already surely not

    • SP-057 Classified says:

      A C-5 Galaxy can carry x4-x5 its own weight and yet it flys. Apollo 11-13 that rocket was multi hundred tons and it flew

    • SP-057 Classified says:

      Oh the space Shuttle program look at the fuel tanks and the side boosters and the shuttle it self. All that fuel was to get the tanks up that high for the shuttle to inter orbit. If that big ass rocket can fly then Colin’s hulk buster can fly, like a brick but it can fly never the less.

    • Kenyatta Jackson says:

      Ryan M. I

    • CI0N3 says:

      SP-057 Classified yes genius cuz Collin is totally gonna spend a ton of money and time so he can make a flying suit 😮😮😮

  8. PurpleBox89 says:

    Now Colin may not be wearing his safety tie, but that DMC is a fine substitute.

    3:27 omg that laugh!!!

    Every now and then i get bored, thinking there’s nothing cool or new and exciting on Youtube. Then Colin has a project like this. 😀

  9. Fizizy says:

    Colin I love you but can you please make more badass contraptions with the focus being on functionality. This is kind of just a giant wiggly statue.

  10. ash G. says:

    nice shirt

  11. JohnnyQ90 says:

    This is going to be beyond epic when finished! Can’t wait!

  12. MegaBots Inc says:

    When you are done with this, let’s rumble!

  13. Mike Forager says:


  14. SomeDude 2873 says:

    Make Tars from interstellar

  15. Gamblor says:

    Lovely looking beads there.

  16. Dark World says:

    Nice hydraulegs you got there.

  17. Name says:

    I’m no expert but those welds look mint!

  18. Everything Digital says:

    Finally something dangerous and unsafe for him to do so he can entertain us

  19. LNxTCB says:

    *_IN A CAVE._*

  20. Will DePue says:

    Was just thinking should partner with XRobots Colin right before this video popped up.

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