Making the World’s Purest Cookie

Making the World’s Purest Cookie

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In this video, we attempt to make the world’s purest cookie and to see how it compares to a regular cookie. In my opinion, it has to be better, because it’s pure.

Original recipe and ingredients:

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• NileRed:
• Nile talks about lab safety (Chemistry is Dangerous):


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41 Responses

  1. NileBlue says:

    I forgot to mention it in the video, but we did not pull a vacuum in the oven! It is just vacuum sealed and some air gets pushed out when it’s closed. I think pulling a vacuum would have murdered the cookie.

  2. Anna Fraser says:

    you can tell where nile goes from chemist to cook because his confidence immediately plummets

  3. DarkenTheDay says:

    Man, the fact that he didn’t try to bake regular cookies before making this one just to know the process is wild.

  4. Sonia’s Way says:

    The cracks forming on the cookies and Nigel panicking is the ultimate sign of how much of a perfectionist he is

  5. Kesha Arnold says:

    As a baker, this was both painful and extremely entertaining to wintess 😂 I always tell people the thing I love most about baking is how much science is involved, especially in things like bread. Thank you for the great video! I’m always so excited to see when the Nile channels have a new one ❤

  6. ArzaN says:

    I find it hilarious that Nile isn’t scared of dangerous chemicals ect. but then panics over a cookie cracking 😀

  7. No Name Sorry says:

    I think the lesson of this episode is “imperfections are what makes the world taste good”

  8. Ferric says:

    “If you want to achieve purity, you have to sacrifice everything that makes it worth it.” I think that’s a valuable life lesson, sir. We’ve all grown as people through this experience. Thank you.

    • Electronic Music Daemon says:

      Actually is a very deep, phylosophic statement

    • El Dorado says:

      Honestly when you look into the flavour and authenticity of a famous old restaurant, it comes from the fact that they haven’t completely removed all the old food gunk from their kitchenware.

    • Ivory says:

      @El Dorado Recently I saw a video on traditional pastry here in my country and one of the comments actually stated that those pastries used to taste better “back in ye old times”, because they weren’t pasteurized like they are now. Pasteurization makes it safer to consume because it kills bad bacteria, but it also kills good bacteria that can enhance the flavor.

  9. klindaba says:

    I was hoping he’s going to make flour and stuff just from simple organic compounds that you usually use in a lab and some enzymes, I would love to see that actually

  10. Radagast says:

    This is actually so deep. The cookie, like life, just isn’t whole without the imperfections.

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