making tofu that doesn’t suck

making tofu that doesn’t suck


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46 Responses

  1. julien solomita says:

    recipes added to the description -soiboi

  2. Caitlin S. says:

    My godddd, I am living for this Chef Julien cooking channelllllll ???

  3. Kristi W says:

    I like how you don’t measure anything but still say “a cup of flour” ?

    • Jennifer Olsen says:

      Kristi W it’s called eyeballing it. When you’re experienced with cooking, you can eyeball measurements easily.

  4. Blueburry Ruccoon says:

    This video is peak-Julien-hotness as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Ghoulie Ghoul says:

    PSA to change your about me to include Bunny in your furry kids 🙂

  6. Alyssa Katherine says:

    I’m not even vegan but I wanna try the Nashville hot tofu and the Kung pao tofu ❤️❤️❤️

    • Passenger Shaming says:

      definitely don’t need to be vegan to eat it! it’s such good clean protein! (I’m not vegan either) ❤️

  7. Breanna Lynk says:

    Idk when this became a cooking channel but I am HERE FOR IT

  8. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe the susan chef Weach skipped work today ?.

  9. Taylor Grey says:

    so that’s 15 “tofu”‘s by 1:13 for anyone playing along at home!


  10. Tara McKenzie says:

    Julien with bunny: is calm and quiet
    Julien with Peach: uses her as a frisbee

  11. Spider says:

    For your bacon, try using Smoked Paprika. (Make sure it’s smoked) It tastes like fake bacon on it’s own, so it’s a good cheater way to get bacon flavor.

    • montanerdz says:

      I do “bacon bits” with hemp seeds pan tossed in soy sauce/liquid aminos, smoked paprika, and a little maple. Pretty tasty once it cools off and crisps up!

  12. Dewi L says:

    Julien needs to open his own vegan food truck or something.

  13. Kelsey . Elise says:

    At the beginning I thought he was gonna say “at least once a year, I like to do it to em”

  14. farahani Sahiri says:

    Julien: bunny do you wanna say hi to the video?
    Peach: mE pLeaSe. Need aTtention

  15. lizzythegreat15 says:

    I love seeing how invested you are in these cooking videos! The shots of ingredients and prep are so beautiful! I love how you’ve combined your amazing filmography and cooking passion into one video for us to enjoy!

  16. Anna Thompson says:

    This has slowly become a cooking show…. I’m down fam dink dink

  17. Joey Jawad says:

    (Jenna frantically runs out) Oh no she’s going to drink outta the pool ???

  18. Breanna Waterman says:

    Why was this actually helpful and informative… I know it’s Taurus season now but…?

  19. Bry says:

    1. I am 200% down for this cooking channel business.
    2. As someone who is trying really hard to transition into vegan eating, I would love love LOVE if you made a video detailing some of your favourite beginner vegan meals? Or vegan must-have meals? Bonus points if it has cheese in it.

    • Shae Noodles says:

      I’d recommend checking out, that’s where I get most of my recipes. You can veganize literally any meal. Just Google “vegan fried rice”, or whatever dish you want to make with the word vegan. The minimalist Baker is a really good one too.

    • Bry says:

      +Shae Noodles Hey, thanks! I really appreciate that. I’ll definitely check those out!

    • Lush says:

      Lilykoi Hawaii is also an excellent resource for veganism! She’s puts so much time&effort into explaining why she’s eating the way she does. And the meals she shows us are bomb af.

    • Bry says:

      +Lush Awesome! Thanks! I’ll have a look. ^^

    • Theaterm says:

      Check out Kiera Rose’s channel

  20. flor says:

    Julien: Take a shot every time I said tofu
    Julien: Take a shot of water. Hydrate

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