Making tomato soup

Making tomato soup


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For making tomato soup I just used leftover vegetables. You can use anything you have!

bell peppers
baby leaves
chicken broth
vegetable stock

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51 Responses

  1. namename name says:

    Another Poki’s Kitchen video? I must watch!!

  2. Shay K says:

    Rachel, a native English speaker: ah yes, the typical heads of lettuce.
    Jun, horrified: H E A D S??

  3. lzy sheep says:

    Wow poki is sitting still for once hahaha

  4. Tracy S says:

    35 seconds in, I can hear Poki <3

  5. ENDESGA says:

    I have never felt so relaxed watching a video. Honestly enjoyed every moment of this

  6. rage stinger says:

    Ouh poki is in this vid

  7. R C says:

    I really like this chatty type of video too! 🙂

  8. Seanna Bataclan says:

    Japanese food looks so fresh. I love seeing Jun cook!

  9. Skyfeather says:

    Poki is sweet 😍 but I love Haku the most😂

  10. Yeh Anna says:

    Hahaha the way haku reached for the first bag of veggies so lazily and then climbed up with a funny face had me laughing for two minutes straight. Couldn’t stop repeating ahahaha
    I actually thought jun was calling haku baby at first😂

  11. ThinlyCut90 says:

    I really enjoy these chill videos. I also really love your Jun’s Kitchen vids because the production value is incredible, but it’s nice to see these chill vids every once in a while.

  12. MsCherade9 says:

    Waaaaay too much plastic packaging in those veggies, here in the UK veggie boxes just have the veg in a big box loose, or in brown paper bags which work just as well. Japan *really* needs to change that, the oceans around Japan are getting more and more full of plastic exponentially each year.

    • taenglovesme says:

      Japan is pretty good at recycling and pretty strict about littering. I think one of the main contribution of random trashes from Japan in the ocean is tsunami that happen quite often in Japan and it’s not something that can be prevented.

    • Jon says:

      +Andrea Bidgood Plastic can only be recycled 5-7 times then it is dolphin food. Like others have said reduce first, then reuse.

    • genie121 says:

      What you on about? I’ve seen Cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, and even tomatoes all in plastic packaging of some sort. Yeah you do get loose onions, potatoes but here in the U.K we just as bad!

    • めろりん says:

      Most of Japan’s plastic is biodegradable, and they have very strict regulations in regards to their recycling. Everyday is a different trash day for a type of trash(burnable, non-burnable, recycled, etc). Those that don’t follow this are fined. There are significantly less trash cans outside, and the ones available will always have recycling. However, I can’t say that makes plastics in the environment safe for wildlife, especially before it has broken down.

    • Iceman869219 says:

      If you are going to complain about the environment start with China not Japan

  13. Izzy says:

    Jun’s reaction to heads of lettuce made me realise that english is weird.
    Hella weird.

  14. Here to STAY says:

    Jun is the normal one in their relationship

    Jun : “I got bloody three heads of lettuce today” //in a weird murderer voice//

    Nevermind 😂

  15. Hei Ki says:

    I must confess, I’m excited for the food but also seeing Poki in the thumbnail

  16. OMGASL says:

    Congrats to Poki for graduating to the good boys table.

  17. Durio sp says:

    It’s dangerous to watch with empty stomach 🐈

  18. Wan Izzat says:

    *See poki on screen*
    Me: ahh, this gonna be a vegetable-only meals.
    *Jun pull out sausage*
    Me: oh 😅

  19. Reza Fikriansyah says:

    The main star in this video is Haku, Poki and Nagi… Jun and Rachel is just a guest..

  20. Siddharth Prabhu says:

    The Bob Ross of cooking. lol 😂

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