Mama Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Was Heartbroken Until She Got Kittens | The Dodo

Mama Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Was Heartbroken Until She Got Kittens | The Dodo

Milo was a pregnant stray dog living near the border of Arizona and Mexico when someone found her and brought her to Sunshine Dog Rescue. Her puppies were born premature and none of them survived. As she searched frantically for her babies, her rescuers came up with an idea to make her heart whole again.

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28 Responses

  1. Man Of Beard says:

    It makes me very sad knowing that animals suffer pain just as much as humans. But most people will pass on by not even being aware of their pain. At least this beautiful mother got a chance at being a mum to some kittens.

    • mydogsioux says:

      @Canukbuck factory farming is horrifically cruel. Pigs are kept in pens so small they can’t turn around in them, male baby chicks are thrown in meat grinders because they are of no use to the factory, cows have their babies continually ripped away from them so they produce more milk (while being kept in pens so small they can’t turn around in them), chickens are stacked in tiny cages on top of each other. That’s not to mention the animal abuse that goes on in some factory farms. It’s also one of the leading causes of environmental devastation and a significant contributor to climate change. Cows and pigs have the same range of emotions that cats and dogs do, they love and play the same way our pets do. You’re kidding yourself if you pretend otherwise. I don’t understand how anyone could support cruelty like that. In some areas of the world they have to hunt, I support that because it’s a necessity. I don’t support factory farming because it’s nothing less than torture for the animals. Plant based diets have been shown to significantly reduce your chances of serious health problems. I don’t expect everyone to go vegan/vegetarian, but don’t lie about the realities of meat consumption.

    • Chad Simmons says:

      @RavenStealstheNight Also Trump passed laws making it a Federal crime to abuse animals, Obama & Biden never did anything about animal abuse, look it up!

    • Kris Doggett says:

      @Chad Simmons Why do you got to bring politics into an animal video? I’m not a Democrat, by the way.

    • Kris Doggett says:

      @RavenStealstheNight If you’re having sex you can pay for your own birth control. Or just have intercourse while you’re not ovulating. Or don’t have intercourse. It isn’t rocket science. Adoption is a better option, if birth control fails. Who wants to pay for other people’s children anyway, no matter their politics?

    • heavennoes says:

      @Canukbuck Idk why you think that other animals cause that much suffering to the point that it is even comparable to industrial farming.

  2. Riley Ward says:

    I strongly believe that she knew they were kittens but she also knew they needed a mommy and she wanted to be a mommy so it worked out perfectly thank you for fostering her and her kittens and I’m so glad that her one of them got to be home together that’s so cool that they got adopted together and she got to be the mommy she wanted to be

    • Rocktown501 says:

      @Syd Ney “i am just realistic and i dont my brain off .. a dog cannot see himself in a mirror and u guys interpret stupid things into Videos” — It’s extremely telling that you can’t even complete a sentence without looking exceedingly dumb! No wonder you’re so ignorant… Smh

    • LesYeuxSansVisage says:

      @Syd Ney You are just a sad sack, on a forum of people that care. Move your lousy, pissant self out of here. No one wants, needs, or has asked for your opinion.

      Also, there is loads of research on canine cognition proving the collective point, that you should brush up on – Especially before talking to people that are smarter and better versed on the topic than you. Milo may be a dog, but you are just an ill educated human, seeking attention and validation for your lack of intelligence, and poorly executing a rather low attempt at trolling. Bugger off to where you might be wanted.

    • MyName Jeff says:

      @Syd Ney Lmao dogs can’t see themselves in mirrors???? That’s such an old and outdated non fact. When dogs are raised around mirrors they know they’re looking at themselves.

    • Darwinsom says:

      Maternal hormones take over. She adopted mammals. I’m not saying it isn’t sweet it’s just not unusual

    • V99 says:

      @Syd Ney Dogs can literally differentiate people from meters away by only sniffing, do you expect them not to differentiate cats from dogs? Trust me dogs are smarter than you

  3. Suzanne Mccabe says:

    That was so heartbreaking to see her looking for her babies and being upset and it’s awful they all didn’t survive 😔 But I am happy that everything turned out Great 🙂🐾❤

  4. J t says:

    It was heartbreaking to see her frantic distress after losing her puppies. I’m so happy she found peace & fulfillment in caring for her kittens. It’s just a fantastic extra bonus that she was able to be adopted with her favorite little baby Gum-ball. This is such a wholesome, heartwarming story!

  5. Your Love Story Tarot says:

    Such a sweet story. Mama got her babies, but in a special way, and the kittens got a Mom. It was meant to be!

    • Feeding Street Cats says:

      Hello dear friend, you can encourage us to continue feeding the poor Homeless kittens by liking and supporting them, i will be very happy if you do that 🐈😻😘

  6. Ed K says:

    Animals just love. No conditions attached. What a great testament to Milo’s love and nurturing instincts!

    • M H.G. says:

      Humans do the same and take exceptional comfort in seeing others do it too, the expressed and observable love for animals and (for what they are) is almost exclusively human.

    • Frankie Bleddyn says:

      Had a few chance encounters with animals that also had no conditions attached to their behavior, Luckily I was able to bluff them out of killing my pet. But that was adorable behavior by that mommy dog.

  7. Faded Blue Jeans says:

    When a dog decides it loves you, it’s forever. Doesn’t matter if you are a human, or a little tiny kitten. Very nice that Milo and Gumball were able to stay together.

  8. Lisa Nidog says:

    I feel awful she lost her babies. But being a kitten mom well that sure brightened up my mood.

  9. x says:

    A baby is a baby. She was so heartbroken, until she got the kittens. What a great mom. 🐈❤😻

  10. Bribe says:

    Everyone knows pups need their mothers but people don’t understand how much the mother needs babies!

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