Man, 22, in custody after parade shooting; 6 dead, 24 wounded | Prime

Man, 22, in custody after parade shooting; 6 dead, 24 wounded | Prime

A 22-year-old man was taken into custody after being named a person of interest in a mass shooting at a July 4 parade in a suburb of Chicago that left at least six people dead and 24 people injured.

About eight hours after the shooting occurred, police took Robert “Bobby” Crimo III of Highland Park into custody after an officer spotted him in a vehicle and he led them in a short pursuit.

While Crimo is not named as a suspect in the shooting, Lake County Sgt. Chris Covelli said officials only release the name of a person of interest after heavy investigation.

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37 Responses

  1. t charles says:

    Much credit to all of the Highland Park/Illinois/Chicago Police Department’s/Agencies and their Officers for their professionalism, dedication and competence! Sadly, in such sharp contrast to what happened in Uvalde, Texas. I could ask the obvious question, but I won’t! My only thoughts are with all of the innocent victims – this is just so utterly heartbreaking, tragic and depraved!

    • Steve Shapiro says:

      I mourn for the dead – and also the injured. Pray no one ends up paralyzed, brain damaged, amputation etc. after a bullet wound.

    • AngTxSun says:

      Kudos to responders who were on already on scene for the parade. No way to compare this with the Uvalde, Tx elementary shooting at all!
      QUESTIONS: How did this guy get onto a roof with a weapon to setup for a scheduled outdoor event?
      How did he flee from a rooftop after shooting when cops were all round?
      Yes they caught him hours later, but that doesn’t matter to the dead, and so many who were wounded. Prevention is the key!!

    • Lesko Brandon says:

      @narsaku canada wow that’s amazing!! You were praying for a light to turn on and it did not once but 6 times??? Praise GOD!!

    • Mel Luques says:

      What happened in Texas (forgive my if ignorance) 🥺🙏🏻

  2. Jake Baker says:

    What a serious and professional police force on display here. All law enforcement should act this way.

    • AngTxSun says:

      ?? It is day 1. Ask yourself how this guy got onto a rooftop armed with a rifle for a scheduled outdoor event surrounded by police. The goal should be prevention, No More!!

    • Gary Bridges says:

      @Steve Shapiro “You’ve been pre-approved for a $10,000 VISA card…”

    • Joe Six-Pack says:

      @Steve Shapiro How did he get the weapon?! Are you kidding? This is America!

  3. Helena says:

    My brother and his family live there. Thank goodness they did not go to the parade today. Heartbroken for those who lost anyone…😞

  4. Luv2Luv says:

    Kudos to the officer that spotted him!

    • narsaku canada says:

      @Zenigundam Video games aren’t destroying anyone, that is absurd to the extreme. People are using them, and MANY other things to escape a spiritually dead and loveless world.

      You want these problems to go away? Go outside and love your neighbor. Tell people you walk by something kind, give people who your country have turned their backs on something to live for.

      Jesus’s words weren’t a lie, and people should be waking up to that reality by now.

      Don’t blame a reaction for the cause.

    • Depth Charge says:

      @Zenigundam Millions play video games and have no problems. Seriously, we see your kind in clinics. Seek help youself.

  5. Nerko Bajric says:

    How can someone hate life so much. Prayers to all the victims and families.

    • AnimalAdvocate says:

      Hate other people is more like it. He had good role models.

    • Boogie Kush says:

      Have you ever lived and just existed ? That’s a dark place to be , absolutely no excuse for killing innocent people whatsoever.

  6. Jacqueline Hannen says:

    Prayers and my heart goes out ot everyone that was there and family and friends 🙏🏽 this is getting ridiculous!!! Enough is Enough!

    • NoniOf5 says:

      @Marcus Linton Shame on you! you need to repent. You don’t talk to your sister in Christ like that!

    • My Name says:

      @Marcus Linton you don’t understand the context of the verse you copied and pasted. Repent.

    • Marcus Linton says:

      ​@Jacqueline Hannen Matthew 6:6
      But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

      I guess yours won’t be rewarded since you made them public. Way to go!

  7. SoldadodeCristo says:

    This is such a sad day. On 4th of July even. Independence Day will never be the same for all survivors & all witnesses. All my prayers goes out to all who were there. 🙏🏼

    • Jo Painting says:

      As a gay woman patriotism had already been ruined for me by our supreme court and extremist religious conservatives who seem to believe only white straight males and their guns should have any real rights in the USA.
      Conservatives have all ready shat all over any feelings of patriotism I had. The star spangled banner and the word “patriot” feels just like the rebel flag and the KKK now. It’s on it’s way to being like living in the middle east.

      Sorry, just not feeling very patriotic these days. I don’t see how anyone who has been paying attention to what’s been happening in our country and government can be surprised by this shooting.

      My one positive observation has been the very professional and accountable police response to this horrible event.
      I wish the police and LE we’re like that in Texas!

    • Clarkké Peterson says:

      @Alisha every time I have to go to the grocery store I am completely freaked out the whole time I’m there I go as fast as I can and get out I don’t do anything anymore I stay home if I’m not at work.

    • Alisha says:

      This is all life is in America anymore…. You really can’t feel safe doing anything anymore

  8. Brian Munger Music says:

    Help the police get the evidence they need. Support them. It’s a crazy world out there

    • Flower Power says:

      @Mr. Albert I have never understood the need to kill another human for any reason. It is now like a sport to take out as many as one can. Woman, Men, Children. Some of these killers are just kids themself. It is like we are evolving backwards.

    • Buddy Grimfield says:

      @Yvette Noble As the random victim of police misconduct myself, I would NEVER volunteer any information “just to help” them. Whatever their motive(s) truly are, they do NOT care about fighting crime.
      The countless videos on YT alone of them whimsically breaking the very laws they are supposedly there to enforce–and by and large getting away with it–are a grim testament to that.

    • Buddy Grimfield says:

      @Yvette Noble Until there is a massive reformation which reassures the integrity of most of the departments across the country, far too many people just simply cannot place enough trust or faith to do thusly. That is what you’re apparently missing.

  9. Doug Taylor says:

    How does someone like this possibly justify what he did? Even in his sick little mind?

  10. Mamacitabambi says:

    Blessings to all of those affected… 🙏🤲Thank goodness he has been taken into custody, if he is indeed the shooter.

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