Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report

Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report

Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) heads out to cover the new anti-catcalling signs popping up around New York. He finds a man who believes cat calling is a sure-fire way to pick up women.

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20 Responses

  1. 007VitaminD says:

    Restricting catcalling is restricting the Freedom of Speech.

  2. Rhino Bob says:

    give that man a medal

  3. doodr says:

    JW where are these signs being put up, are they legal?

  4. shiben says:

    “I don’t know, you tell me, I have never done that, I have liteRALLY NOT
    ONCE HAS THAT EVEN OCCURRED ME TO DO” … does the host over-does that and
    does he give away that he has indeed done that in past?

  5. pliskin100 says:


  6. sucri says:

    He’s funny

  7. Fire Fly says:


  8. LetsNeverPlayAgain says:

    You faked this, that guy you ‘found’ and ‘interviewed’ is famous.

  9. Vanessa Valli says:

    It should really be referred to as “dog calling”.

  10. World Of The Hedgies says:

    this comment section is a mess

  11. Sir Korax says:

    Dudes a champion. Behold beta males! a true alpha in the flesh.

  12. ignfan4life says:

    He’s alpha.

  13. Crapweeds says:

    Smile, and if she smiles back then you’re allowed to say hello. This is
    pretty basic stuff.

  14. Ismaiel Aden says:

    Sadly, you will only see women degraded like that in western countries.

  15. momohonk says:

    Is this fake, or is there really a place, where “no catcall”-signs are on
    the street? seems like the most senseless thing to do against it xD

  16. jackson veex says:

    there are women catcall to men

  17. Bo Danville says:

    Don’t agree with catcalling. But the guy seemed funny and with a bit of

  18. Daniel Davis Jr says:

    I hate feminist.

  19. Walter White says:

    Those ugly bitches acting like this has happened to them. 

  20. Three Thousand says:

    This dude is SKAM DUST a rap rock dude from DMS crew.