Man caught seeing 50 Shades Of Grey

Man caught seeing 50 Shades Of Grey

The danish local news channel TV2 Nord captures a man going to see 50 Shades Of Grey

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18 Responses

  1. Ana Amaya says:

    He probably was with someone and went to the bathroom and was walking back
    in when the camera caught him. No biggie. 

  2. TheArcticKitten says:

    Lol I like how this entire series is based on a twilight fanfic

  3. TheBlacklightProjekt says:

    or maybe he´s just a internet movie reviewer trying to do his job 

  4. ThisFish888 says:

    I thought about going, it seems like a great place to pick up horny, slutty

  5. any name says:

    hahaha! this fucking fool! thats great! funny… now all his friends can
    say “i saw your gay ass at the movie! lol

  6. Salim Khan says:

    Wow, you couldn’t wait to download it from kickass like the rest of us
    curious pervets, could you. hahahaa

  7. Joey Clash says:

    What’s up with all these ugly fedora wearing cunts on here? 

  8. Diego Rodriguez says:

    Why is this big news

  9. Nate Dog says:

    What? A man watching porn in a theater? GET HIM!

  10. Trilby McTipp says:

    It’s not a fedora, it’s a trilby.

  11. Rambregaz says:

    Hahahahhahaha what a wanker

  12. Excalibursin says:


  13. Interioroutbreak69 says:

    poor man. If he had just walked in with confidence, this video would never
    have gone viral.

  14. MilitanT07 says:

    I have never seen a video you before with comments filled with faggot
    lossers from reddit or whatever that place is called, for me I rather call
    it, mom’s basement website.

  15. Ado Pixi says:

    50 Shades Of Grey is erotic movie……mans like erotic,its not big


    The comment section here is a piece of beauty

  17. LichtLune says:

    Get out of here reddit nerds. 

  18. elwachinmanda says: