Man. City vs. Bayern: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Man. City vs. Bayern: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

The stunning appointment of Thomas Tuchel as manager reveals a new look Bayern just in time to face one of the tournament favorites, Manchester City.

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58 Responses

  1. Sky Shooter says:

    Bayern were taught a very valuable lesson. You don’t fix what’s not broken.

    • Shadow K says:

      @EwitdaKey for sure I want city to beat them but city be playing with my emotions 😂

    • Sky Shooter says:

      @Luis Garcia People “always” said City was levels above everyone and thet still haven’t won the champions League. They are clearly aren’t levels above. Bayern had the lion’s sharw of ball possession and made two big mistakes.

    • EwitdaKey says:

      @Shadow K no I get that and you’re right but city have beat Real before too and this year I don’t think anyone wins other than City or Real Madrid but anything could happen it’s the UCL it should be fun.

    • Derek 1127 says:

      @Luis Garcia that defending wouldnt of been present lmao. Nagelsmanns defensive tactics are totally different

  2. Theghost In the wicker chair says:

    Justice for Nagelsmann. Never sack a coach who just strolled into the quarters before the seasons over.

    • Derek 1127 says:

      @Luis Garcia ive seen u several times in these comments with terrible takes. A team doesn’t suck when they beat inter psg and barca. 6 for 6 wins and 0 conceded. Also theres no doubt that a coach on that streak has a better chance than a coach with 2 weeks pep and none of their own signings

    • Jose Pedraza says:

      @Norman Williams there’s still tactics that go into that. Yes you’re right manager has to adapt to what they have but a manager still changes the strategies for how they play. A big example of style of play is mouriho and peps style. That’s why over time the manager asks to sell or buy new players.

    • Luis Garcia says:

      @Jonathan Pontel what performance by bayern was impressive under Nagelsmann? Seriously. None of the champions league ones thats for sure. Beating psg is nothing special anyone can do that espcially now psg are in their worst form ever

    • Norman Williams says:

      ​​@Jose Pedraza that’s the sad state of what football has descended to. Teams style of play is determined by the personnel not some manager screaming on the sidelines. It doesn’t work that way, put the best cohesive unit the field and get out of the way.
      Players play by instinct out on the field, if they have to think about what to do when a ball is coming to them at 140 mph, they will be useless. Great managers adapt to the personnel they have available not vice versa.
      ​​@Will Blazenko if you sub him right away you undermine his confidence, you should know that.

    • Philip J. Fry says:

      Idk why clubs sack coaches so fast. Give them a chance, they shouldn’t be the first scapegoat when things aren’t going great

  3. Colin Thompson says:

    City’s defenders clutched up, and they were fantastic on the ball. Have to say city were fantastic

    • Henry Teccsi says:

      Ruben Dias saved the day with that save on Musiala’s shot

    • Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇 says:

      City defenders couldnt stop Sane. The video doesn’t show all the times Sane dribbled through the City team and created chances and had amazing shots stopped by Ederson. They were just lucky Sane didn’t have a perfect day and didn’t hit the net and that Upamecano dropped a disaster class.

    • Byron Duran says:

      Bayerns defenders had a hard time on the ball

    • Carlos Marin says:

      I’m not a Bayern or man city fan but a couple of those decisions on the ref behalf seemed a lil bias towards man city idk but questionable refereeing

  4. Berhan Beyis says:

    Even though Haaland did not get as many chances as expected he still has 1 goal and 1 assist. Crazy!

    • Gbeast71 says:

      @MMA Multiverseor he’s just trying to not let him get injured, if haaland can have such a massive impact in 60 minutes that he isn’t needed to play the extra 30 why risk it especially with his past injuries 🤷‍♂️

    • Nunzio Napoli says:

      Deutch football since the World Cup = 🙈🙊🙉🙉🙊🙈🙉🙊🙈🙊🙉

    • NF yolo says:

      @justin Valdovinos Ruben Dias too

    • XV Guapo says:

      @MMA Multiverse u were watching a different game if think they weren’t trying to pass to haaland

    • FootyXNotSoccer says:

      @MMA Multiverse bro he was all the way down, you expect the mci players to have Xavi vision?

  5. Luigi Dabest says:

    sommer stopped it from being 6-0 what a game he’s had

    • Neymar Jr Fan says:

      @Mihal Stefa being taller helps you as a keeper tho. makes it easier to reach certain shots. that makes a difference

    • Leo Oro says:

      Indeed he had a stellar performance

    • Henry Teccsi says:

      @Dave Mariano well yea, Neuer’s 4 inches taller and arguably the 3rd best player of this generation (in my opinion but open to debate)

    • Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇 says:

      @Unite Eternal they aren’t. Bayern was just trash. Upamecano singlehandedly assisted 2 of City goals.

    • Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇 says:

      No he didn’t. The only reason City scored ahd had many chances in the end is because of Upamecano and his mistakes which gave them confidence.

  6. JayCFC says:

    Incredibly dominant performance from Manchester City. Akanji, Stones, Dias, Rodri, all of them were keeping the Bayern players quiet. Bayern’s defense were way too shaken up, especially Upamecano. Disasterclass.

  7. Bigboy says:

    What a performer by City; this Pep team might be his best Manchester City. Physically strong and versatile.

    • Blessing says:

      @Amko Ugljanin we know they are the best team in the world, theres no denying that. But you dont have to keep mentioning them in a conversation that has nothing to do with them. This about mancity being dominant, let mancity fans enjoy the win dont sour their mood by saying they would lose to madrid

    • Amko Ugljanin says:

      @Blessing why is that ?just speaking the truth Madrid are European kings deal with it

    • Amko Ugljanin says:

      @Carlos Garrido real are European kings barca can have laliga

    • Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇 says:

      @Bigboy Their defenders were scared of Sane and couldn’t stop him. They only stopped Coman who was having a bad day. Bayern played better and attacked better than City but they were lucky with Bayern basically gifting them goals from mistakes.

    • Carlos Garrido says:

      @Amko Ugljanin didn’t y’all lose to Villareal? 💀💀

  8. AT says:

    Fair-play to City mann, what a team. John Stones WOW what a performance.

  9. ElloGovna says:

    They really sacked a manager who had a 100 percent win rate in the UCL this season 💀

  10. Iftekhar Aqib says:

    Talented players + a genius manager = Manchester City

    • Trig Trig says:

      @Splash Real Madrid have limitless funds too. “Oh yeah but they win”. Yes, because they’ve been rich for 50 years. Psg and city haven’t. It’s not very surprising that they haven’t won.

    • Splash says:

      ​@Erik Weber lmao true but limitless fund is a hit or miss tho. PSG💀, a total miss 😂😂😂

    • Trig Trig says:

      @Andy Rendon it’s a hard competition to win, and it took oil money for chelsea to win both of theirs. Give city a break.

    • Trig Trig says:

      @Juan Pablo other than Chelsea, those clubs have been spending big and relevant for over 40 years. City have been relevant for 10. It’s a hard competition to win. Give them a break lol. United have been spending big for 40 years and only have 3. City have for 15 years…

    • Josue Tobias says:

      Pep is the best coach ever..I remember his time at Barça my team ❤ I also enjoy watching Man City play the beautiful game

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