Man scales building to save dangling child

Man scales building to save dangling child

A young Malian migrant is being lauded in France after he scaled the outside of a building in Paris to rescue a young child dangling from a balcony.

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  1. Gv Athvaidh says:

    What were the two ppl in the balcony doing? Did they see the guy climbing the building and think ” hey this guy is putting in all this effort, maybe we’ll let him rescue the baby so he doesn’t feel bad”?

    • Bulelani Mhlahlo says:

      the people who dislike this vid

    • Couch gaming news says:

      Gv Athvaidh it was staged it

    • You Cunt says:

      a. wanderer you think they care about babies lives when they strap them to bombs in the name of Allah?

    • gaetz miller says:

      The people already up there had ahould of the child. They could have easily pulled up the 20 pound child. This is weird

    • Yokonato says:

      gaetz miller because it runs to much risk, that child is more than 20 pounds from the size that looks more like 40-50, it’s also the angle, the kid is still to far left and they probably couldn’t get him to shimmy over much more, they also would basically need to completely have the kid let go and swing him closer to pickup which would be extremely dangerous.

      The rescuer was at least 3rd floor at that time , you can see while he braces the kid he didnt fully pull him up til he was over the barrier because you run the risk of the kid slipping out your grasp or panicking and dropping a kid 4 stories is fatal

  2. Draz'Gul says:

    Hero? No. Legend is better.

    • Father Chewy Looey says:

      RC RC you mean the same ‘Tommy Knobinson’ who almost caused a gang of Muslim men accused of serious sexual assault on underage girls, to be set free without trial, THAT Tommy Knobinson,?
      Is he a friend of some or all of those Muslim guys? I only ask because if someone had asked “how do I get a case thrown out of court?” Anyone with a semi functional brain would know that a massive and blatant contempt of court, by running your mouth off over the internet and filming people who had not yet been found guitly, something that you knew full well that the judge has expressly forbidden until the trial was officially over,
      This was done to protect the families of the accused, and to preserve the privacy of the victims and witnesses,

      Already knowing this, and already knowing that the was still on a suspended sentence from when he tried his best to get another trial stopped and the accused freed without charge because the trial had been blown apart by some noisy gobshite, he failed that time too,

      I don’t know why ‘clever’ Tommo would try to help these guys get off, but I do know that the MUST have known that this behaviour could easily have led to the case being thrown out of court as unsafe,
      I can guess of course but I don’t know, what I DO know is that Timmy seems to have no problem with dropping his views and opinions if there is a nice little earner in it for him,
      How many TV reality/chat shows has he been on now? The one’s where he spends a few days living with a Muslim family, and always ends up saying he has a lot to learn and these were great people who he thinks of as friends, well done Tommy here’s your cheque,

      Didn’t he leave the EDL because he thought they were becoming too racist? Hahaha didn’t his far right chums call him a traitor? Now here he is again, getting his square head on TV, I wonder where the money might be coming from this time?

    • spider879 says:

      Todd Redding
      Stop you need to revisited what’s called the Southern Strategy.

    • Journey says:

      Draz’Gul awesomeness

    • Couch gaming news says:

      Draz’Gul stageddddd

    • Ego Shenanigans says:

      America, place where you give a savior a title and it turns into a shitty political argument

  3. Dean Morrow says:

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  4. noisemagician says:

    While everybody is talking about our hero no one mentions the grip and arm strength of that child.

    • Y Aran says:

      joseph adel so cheap? Can you do what that man has done? Or just anyone for that matter? and how can you explain that it is staged? How will they know that the reward is citizenship?

    • Sassy Monkey says:

      Most toddlers are pretty weak. This little guy was a freaking gymnast.

    • Future Gates says:

      As I said the first time, fear instinctively brings strength

    • joseph adel says:

      Y Aran there is more than the eye can see

      Always have been and always will be but we were taught to believe everything asap
      You need to see we live very deceptive time right now
      Just stop believing anything you have been taught about everything and start questioning things for which they really are
      And you’ll get to see the truth or conclude it on your own
      And to make it clears you have no
      Idea what the zionists are willing to do to destroy the white race and take over the middleeast
      This little stunt is just the begging of many things

    • victor frost says:

      this guy has never been to school how long did it take him to climb less than 30seconds and you are telling me a kid cant hold on for 5minets your dull

  5. Stephen Tidwell says:

    Looks staged.People are literally holding on to the child til he gets there.

    • Couch gaming news says:

      Stephen Tidwell finally somone with brains. Only retards down here though thinking its real ha

    • Salafi is my life says:

      Goku Black
      Why becouse a Muslim saved the child ?the childs clothes got cought on a rail and no one could get to him..unless from this side…pfff racist fucks .

    • Salafi is my life says:

      Yeah they rusked a little childs life for a stunt…bravo you dog..👏👏👏

    • Salafi is my life says:

      Couch gaming news
      Yes its real and a MUSLIM SUNNI SALAFI IS A HERO .

    • Hetona Misola says:

      Stephen Tidwell idiot… it’s like you are saying… we make video… we make child go fall… I purposely said that in broken English because I think this is language dumbaases like you only understand! !!!!

  6. Age wilson says:

    “Sh**hole” countries produce better character than the privileged ones

  7. blueorangelettuce says:

    The French gave him residency, a path to citizenship and a job offer to work as a fireman. Just goes to show good deeds do get rewarded.

  8. Accari Cuvell says:

    Angels do exist.

  9. Edd Eddy says:


    Why you avoid to mention that.
    Or do you only mention that when there is a crime committed.

    • Salafi is my life says:

      You have sex with pigs and dogs..Fact .
      Muslims we have our wives…no animals we dont asinilate christians .

    • Salafi is my life says:

      Creative Guise
      Well they dont have a problem to say Muslim when they chose to say evil things .And yes they are islamophobic…are you nuts?

    • 00CD tech says:

      Edd Eddy fuck you. He is a good guy because he is a good guy not because he is a muslim

    • eSports League Gaming says:

      Salafi is my life fuck you muslim terrorist. You guys are the real animal LOL! Muslim animals. Look all muslim country = shithole. Looks like your fake god allah loves you so much that he makes your country shithole. On the other hand USA and first world countries = christian country. Government foundation is built by laying hand on the bible = great country. Now you muslim losers leave your shithole country ruled by satan, wants to live in christian country that is made great by papa jesus and now you want to ruin it by being terrorist screaming allahu akbar with bomb LOL! Jesus slaps your lying bitch muhammad the faggot who rapes 4 year old girls and calls it allah’s will LOL!

    • Nishaan Singh says:

      eSports League Gaming man your into the US so much aren’t you but can’t pinpoint all of its problems but going around talking shit about others

  10. f quint says:

    This video was so fucking incredible, I don’t even have words, just amazing. Such an incredibly selfless man. A true hero!!!

  11. Akiko 10 says:

    What a athlete

  12. John Tom says:

    There is a wall separating them and they don’t possess super human strength like this man so they couldn’t effortlessly lift him like he did.

  13. why so serious says:

    I respect what that man has done, if it were true. It is a montage, with the aim of softening the great problem that France (and Europe in general) has with multiculturalism, and making us see that the more foreigners and blacks we have the better.

    Only a fool would swallow this.

    And judging from the comments, it worked. People are just stupid.

    • Tom Jones says:

      agreed. citizenship? if it WAS true and not staged, an award sure…but citizenship???? just watch from tomorrow we will have all these hero immigrants saving kids from train lines, roads, buildings etc…just watch…

    • AbaGootu says:

      This man saw a child in danger and took action saving a life. Every one of those bystanders had the opportunity to do what he did, but lacked either the ability or the courage, or both. This man is a hero. Plain and simple. If France doesn’t want him bring him over here to America. We could use more good man with the courage to do the RIGHT thing.

    • Darren O' Neill says:

      Euuugh I fucking hate that I agree with you, but I do. It doesn’t make sense, there’s a guy standing right beside the child for the entire video who does absolutely nothing.

    • Redbird says:

      The only idiot here is you and the dumb cunts that think it’s fake.

    • Salafi is my life says:

      why so serious
      Looks like you had Trump slip it in your mouth ones or twice .

  14. Abdinasir Ali says:

    When a Muslim does a heroic act nobody mentions his religion ….but if the opposite were to happen we all know what the headlines would be.

  15. candy girlll says:

    I heard he’s coming to Wakanda in 2025!!!!

  16. Sweet Berry says:

    The way the child held on with such a strong grip waiting for a hero to show up out of the blues…. this kid is a hero too.

    • kudason says:

      Sweet Berry more than you can imagine. According to the neighbour (man on the adjacent balcony trying to assist) the kid had fallen from the 6th floor and miraculously caught the railings of the fourth floor!

    • Warren Doris says:

      Sweet Berry. I agree.

  17. KONNEENN says:

    This is the biggest con I’ve ever seen – watch the big strong man on the balcony, pull the child towards him and waite as cool as you like for the able-bodied climber to take the child to safety. Also, the female on the balcony shows no motherly signs of stress. Now that we know an act of so-called “heroism” in France can lead straight to citizenship if you are a certain type of migrant, what a clever con.

    • Santosh Miriyala says:

      WOW, world would have been a better place had your dad believed in condoms.

    • Alias says:

      KONNEENN ikr.CNN is such bullshit

    • WRAITH says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. This is just more leftist psyop propaganda. Nothing genuine about this event.

    • Luis Fernandez says:

      Apparently there were dividers in the middle of the balcony which separated the apartments which is why the guy could not get to the kid and was afraid to drop him if he tried to reach for him

    • khalid ali says:

      KONNEENN he put his life in danger and saved the little boy and this is what comes to your mind?? Seriously. There’s a special place in hell for people like you.

  18. Binu Kj says:

    Parkour is very important lol….

  19. AlienWare Ninja says:

    Is This The New Trailer For SpiderMan Homecoming 2 🤔

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