Man United v. Man City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/24/19 | NBC Sports

Man United v. Man City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/24/19 | NBC Sports

Man City got goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane on their way to a 2-0 Manchester derby win over Man United.
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Man United v. Man City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/24/19 | NBC Sports

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80 Responses

  1. Martin Jensen says:

    Here’s your headline:”MAN-USE-LESS”another disgraceful lack of effort!!not worthy of the sweater they wear.

  2. Satish Parajuli says:

    I have to congratulate United for not allowing any goals in the 1st half.

    • Ito Ito No Mi says:

      Satish Parajuli man city is a plasticass team with fake fans

    • Kyle Sekenski says:

      Ito Ito No Mi

      That is true… Man City were once just a second-rate club that wears blue in a city with a bigger, more successful club that wears red- just like Everton are. Until they got bought by an oil-rich nation. Imagine if the sheikhs bought Everton and made them league winners in the same way ?

    • youcantdothat 64 says:

      LOL you’re so arrogant!! City will probably lose to some team like Leicester and title hopes lost

    • Kyle Sekenski says:

      youcantdothat 64

      I hope so… Honestly I hate seeing a team so blatantly buy trophies like City does

    • abhi ram says:

      +Kyle Sekenski salty

  3. AYL Yi-Huh says:

    excited to see all the new faces at Man U next season

  4. Ethan Huxtable says:

    Pogba looks like he doesn’t even want to play for Man Utd.

    • Scott Hammond says:

      Honestly it’s ridiculous to me the mistakes De Gea has made, I don’t watch him a lot but against Barca and now Man C he has let 2 goals that should’ve been stopped right in, it’s like his effort to stop goals is as equal to Man U’s effort to score goals

    • Jsalcedo23 says:

      Ethan Huxtable idk who voted for him the XI of the year lol

    • jean lenor says:

      He just sucks. It doesn’t look like he can even play.

    • Ryan Darko says:

      Ehhh maybe maybe not

    • Chiazo Anyaso says:

      +Desire Tehi
      Check his mannerisms on pitch, especially when ManU is against a weaker team.
      The way he pumps his grade B muscles if he scores like he’s one superman.
      Even Ronaldo has stopped doing that.

  5. Big Boi says:

    Now win the next few games and hopefully we can complete the domestic treble. Also de gea really doesn’t want Liverpool to win lol

  6. Kshaka says:

    This is what happens when you buy players like Fred using Wikibuy.

    • Dev Patel says:

      Kshaka Fred is garbage but I’m an Arsenal fan so I don’t care ?

    • Jorge Santos says:

      This fred is like that one striker for brazil who eats taco bell beans as his pre match meal in the 2014 world cup

    • Rohan McCalla says:

      Kshaka Fred keep giving the ball… he was terrible

    • solrac legnar says:

      Kshaka what i want to know is, who is the person that said… Fred, Fred is the guy for Man Utd. Fred is the guy we need. Just unreal. Not just Fred a few other players as well

    • Josh Cayetano says:

      Kshaka Man United wanted Fred cause he was a City target. He would’ve been beast with City because of how we play…

  7. Jose Avila says:

    Why are Utd players jogging?? Are you kidding me?? Do they not care anymore?

  8. CG8 says:

    Who gave Ashley the armband someone @ me their address

  9. Andy Frank says:

    And yet wolves ? was beating Arsenal the last derby too

  10. Lal Lian Zuala says:

    Man Utd living up to expectations.


    Lukaku wont even make it into FC bombay. Dude first touch is like a crippled donkey on meth pipe

  12. Adriano says:

    *Degea man of the match for Man City.*

  13. xin wang says:

    Pure joke, not the same level matchup. How simple is that, lingard so bad and useless, Pogba just walking all around but he still the only player on the pitch who can create opportunities. Maybe the only person who could hold his head up is rashford. Congrats to man city

  14. Xavier Pegasus says:

    Play 5 at back and still concede 2 goals. 1 shot on target too, and ANOTHER De Gea mistake. Such a poor performance.

    • Xavier Pegasus says:

      +m335 I forgot this result didn’t JUST happen. Stop bringing up the past. You’re really comparing this current United Squad to the 2010 TREBLE winning Inter squad? You really are uneducated

    • Jabran Khan says:

      Both goals were De Gea’s mistake. First one was his positioning and second one was just an effort to save a goal with his foot whereas he could’ve used his hands. Hurrendous!

    • Xavier Pegasus says:

      +Jabran Khan I know. He’s been terrible since the world cup. He had 1 save the entire tournament

    • m335 says:

      +Xavier Pegasus HAHAHAHAHAHA … your tears bring me great joy … Man U going back in the toilet without the special one to save them this time. enjoy your rubbish team and manager HAHAHAHAHA

    • Wind talker says:

      Xavier Pegasus he’s talking about how they shouldn’t have sacked mourhino, the manager proven to defeat Guardiola’s system

  15. Andrew Gonzalez says:

    4:56 you see the laziness in pogba

    • Omair Bhore says:

      Even during the Bernardo Silva goal you can see him jog and then put his hands up like he tried. I think Pogba is on very thin ice. I honestly think they should keep him at least for another year, because I wanna see him play with better talent. But if this laziness keeps up we need to l kick him out. He isn’t worthy of the United jersey.

    • Aidan Weissman says:

      +Omair Bhore Just give him to Man City then, with him Man City will pretty much be unstoppable

    • Poor Pogba says:

      Andrew Gonzalez always talking about pogba…pogba can’t catch a break…was decent that game honestly

    • KHIPPI NEWS says:

      +Poor Pogba true

  16. Yayrwe says:

    United are so far behind City.

    United aren’t even a team. Just a collection of talent. No cohesion.

  17. Geoff Weiss says:

    What a joke United. Careless heartless, the shape is wrong, the lineup is weak, joke, have a soul???

  18. Jazzu says:

    Commentators put it perfectly. Man U lacks structure and identity and spending billions without it is worthless

  19. Davio Canyon says:

    How fans react to the premier league:

    Manchester city: hope we’ll win the league

    Liverpool: hope we’ll win the league

    Arsenal: hope we’ll make the to 4

    Tottenham: hope we’ll make top 4

    Chelsea: hope we’ll make top 4

    Manchester United: WE’RE UNITED, WE’LL WIN THE LEAGUE

  20. enoch deng says:

    Arsenal, Man U, and Chelsea are basically just playing musical chairs at this point ffs?

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