Man. United vs. Omonoia: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

Man. United vs. Omonoia: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

A come from behind victory for Man United in Cyprus has them with one foot in the knockouts. Will Marcus Rashford lead the Red Devils over Omonoia again?

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50 Responses

  1. Elijah Ali says:

    That keeper deserves the highest praise. He played better than the whole of both teams

  2. Logan Franklin says:

    That goalkeeper was brilliant and his post match interview was just delightful. Count me a fan

    • United’s Heavenly Demon says:

      @Kronik Maths debater I’m from Kwara with an Anambra mom and grew up in the north, got yoruba Igbo and English name and I use all. I never deny my Igbo heritage as it’s one of my proudest qualities!!

    • Kronik Maths debater says:

      @United’s Heavenly Demon
      Trust me, a lot of Nigerians have Igbo names but would deny being Igbo.

      Go to Rivers State, Duncan Mighty’s real name is Okechukwu but People from Port Harcourt don’t consider themselves igbo.

      Even in Delta State, they all have igbo names
      Odili, Nnamdi, Ikwere, isiokpo, these are all Igbo names but live in regions considered not Igbo, come to think of it, Delta, Rivers, are not in the west, north or south, therefore they’re East (Igbo)

    • Logan Franklin says:

      @eddyvideostar thanks eddy!

    • obi1 wayas says:

      And Nigeria wont give him the number 1 spot he the back up goallie

    • ACQUAH PRINCE says:

      He is the Nigerian national team No. 1 goalkeeper

  3. Nick says:

    I really hope the goalkeeper gets a big move, from this performance alone, he deserves it, WOW

  4. Dylan Smeback says:

    the omonia keeper was insane all game, the only way united was gonna win this game was by a mistake, incredible display for both at then end of the day

  5. Christopher Thomas says:

    Omonoia may have lost, but their goalkeeper deserves huge props for that excellent performance.

  6. zes says:

    that keeper went full super saiyan mode lol just unlucky at the end. huge respect 👏👏

  7. Blocks &Blocks says:

    The goalkeeper was like the ones in fifa blocking every shot imaginable, almost.

  8. Howdy Partner says:

    Not sure how good he is on jos feet, but Ozuha deserves to be in a top European team with the saves he was making. Lets see if he is consistant.

  9. no further west says:

    Hats of to the goalkeeper.
    I’m sure some bigger clubs will be eyeing him.

  10. Quadeca says:

    wow 3:42 this is one of the most unbelievably selfish moments I have ever seen. i would be relieved to hear it was match fixing tbh

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