Man. United vs. Real Betis: Extended Highlights | UEL Round of 16 – 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Man. United vs. Real Betis: Extended Highlights | UEL Round of 16 – 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United has regained the form that has seen them atop club soccer in decades past. Will they overcome Real Betis and lift silverware once again?

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49 Responses

  1. Ahmed Belal says:

    That Real Betis defender was willing to risk his face to stop Rashfords goal. Gotta respect it

  2. Otto von Wolf says:

    How can you not love Weghorst? That dude give everything he’s got every single game. I loved seeing him finally get that goal and its clear it meant the world to him. I hope Man U keeps him around, he’s turning out to be a very valuable asset that helps everyone around him play better.

  3. Phúc Nguyễn says:

    I am feeling happy for Weghost. Love how he celebrated his goal. He is truly love Man United.

    • Jimmy Wong says:

      Number 27 for man you he’s a workhorse

    • rushshady says:

      @J T  goals are what we need as a squad now. What kind of “deep” philosophy are you trying to spill. He is a CS not a winger, not a CAM or a CM. If he isn’t scoring then he needs to be creating chances or assiting. If players like Firminho can’t get a game even though they are scoring more than him why should we settle for him as our MAIN striker smh.
      Get out of here with that linited thinking. He isn’t doing enough to become permanent. Work rate is not the only thing a good player needs

    • Garnett Bromfield says:

      Mmee too

    • Mannie De La Rosa says:

      I love his effort in every plays but this one, he should have gone after Pelistri and Scott. He didn’t recognized them

  4. lukeinga says:

    Look at what that single goal meant to Weghorst. Never anything more than a journeyman footballer, it still means something to say you scored a goal for Man United at Old Trafford

    • lukeinga says:

      He scored 59 in 4 seasons. An average of under 15 is not ‘nearly 20’ but I will grant you is not bad. I stand by my comment though,

    • Javier Mejia says:

      @BuMo to be fair he could’ve scored several if he would’ve got a pass on a couple of plays

    • Loose74 says:

      @Sergio Avilawell said 💯

    • Sergio Avila says:

      @Petar Zijic anyone can give their opinion on sports. Go to your local bar and you’ll find that. SB and SAS are good public speakers and have worked their way to those spots. They famous and recognizable because they’re always making controversial and flagrant statements. Until you’ve played in a championship game or scored in a big match the general public will never be able to truly speak on things like this. It’s arrogant and ignorant to judge a player through the lense of a non-athlete, especially athletes performing at the highest level.

  5. Matt Snider says:

    1:44 Full respect to the defender for trying to put his head in front of the shot after his error.

  6. The Guy says:

    Whoever say what about Weghorst, i totally admire his movement in pitch. Very underrated. He and Fred are the most mobile players always pressing.

  7. Ryan Kanungo says:

    That goal from Antony was pure class! He has to learn to square it when given the chance.

    • Michael Clayton says:

      Anthony is not a natural goal scorer dude should of had a hat trick

    • Robert Negron says:

      Yea had 3 guys open.

    • viewez lalan says:

      Anthony the one trick pony. Great goal even though he missed 2 beautiful open chances. If he learns to be effective in understanding when to pass he will be even better. A smart defender will know how to shut his left foot out unless he evolves

    • FJO 9 says:

      @Mr.Coilover yep very one dimensional. If a good team scouts him good they can easily take him out of the game. Can’t beat the defenders as a winger and not good at crossing. Couldn’t even use his right foot on that play today to pass the ball to 2-3 wide open teammates for an easy goal.

    • LouBang718 says:

      He’s to damn selfish , he needs to pass a bit.

  8. Ali says:

    Hope Pellestri will have more time. He’s so talented and energetic

    • Marcos Coelho Pfitzer says:

      @Young Trell  5 goals and 6 assists, scored at 18 with barely 14 games played (minutes wise). 0.768 goal involvement (directly) per game. Second highest in the squad, more than b fernandes, more than antony and sancho as well. At 18.

    • Ry star says:

      @Young Trell imagine hating on an 18 year old smh, barkadog fans keep chatting shit

    • Arturo Espinoza says:

      @Young Trell i wouldn’t say he’s doo doo, but Pellistri is more composed than him.

    • Shukuchimukyo says:

      @Young Trell 🧢

    • Victor Kreig says:

      He will get time in the future, he will be a starter eventually that isnt even a debate

  9. Philip Simmonds says:

    Just here to say… We love Wout Werghost… We love Rashy. We love Bruno… We love United… #GGMU

  10. Gor says:

    What a legend Weghorst is. Will he stay around next season? Idk. Is he the greatest striker ever to grace the pitch? Probably not. But damn he’s got some heart. Happy for him! And he works so hard.

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