Man. United vs. Sheriff: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo

Man. United vs. Sheriff: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United hope to take their Europa League winning streak to four games in a row when Moldova’s upstarts Sheriff Tiraspol come to Old Trafford.

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48 Responses

  1. Georgi Georgiev says:

    Score does not reflect it, but out opponent’s goalkeeper played the game of his career – inspirational stuff rom the Sheriff keeper!

  2. Lalo Torres says:

    Man! Really good performance from Garnacho! He’s slick, fast, fun to watch!

  3. Carlos Guerra says:

    Glad to see Donny back in the side. Mans has had a rough time in a United shirt. Hopefully his fortunes turnaround. The club is going in the right direction, hopefully everyone gets a good run of form going.

    • Victor Kreig says:

      @Cody Ferrell Donny and ETH are close, he would never do that
      He’s a squad player and always was at Ajax

    • Cody Ferrell says:

      dude love to see him… but he is not going to break thru to starter over Bruno or Eriksen… dude is too much of a talent be “3rd string”… He should of forced his exit this summer… especially after they signed Eriksen. smh If I was him… do whatever I could to leave January. Remainder season loan if nothing else.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @Thegns Hut: To Thegna Hut: MU is trying to rotate; however, the Man. Utd. talking head — Mark Goldbridge, isn’t helping his cause.

    • Thegns Hut says:

      I feel worse for elanga. I thought this would be the game he starts.

  4. Dhruv Urs says:

    As soon as Maguire came on, I was only thinking about where this may go!! But, it was nice to see him getting a little play time so he can build his confidence slowly!!

  5. Tim Filipiuk says:

    seeing Ronaldo score goals never gets old. Hope he can string together a run of good form.

  6. Met2.O says:

    Dalot has been a key part in Man U defense. In EPL and UCL. He’s also good forward and starts a lot of matches.

    • MMA Multiverse says:

      @sewando mkuchu not really buddy been calling him out every game. You guys are crediting the teams improved chemistry and ball control on him go watch the spurs match and the 2 games after that.

    • MMA Multiverse says:

      @TonioR luke shaw. Go watch his last 2, 3 games. Even malacia has neen giving good decent crosses in. There you go. Dalot literally has no competition for his position. Even malacia gave good crosses

    • MMA Multiverse says:

      @TonioR lmao ok noob. Got zero understanding of the game. Probabpy a rashford fanboy.

    • sewando mkuchu says:

      @MMA Multiverse These details clearly are not for this me Dqlot has been the best player for the team..even when we lost first game vs Brighton he was top up( watch him cuz videos are there), pace wingers- guy kept Liverpool winger quite, Arsenal Martinel, Chelsea’s on one he is unbeatable this all the videos carefully..some of you are biased from word go.

    • TonioR says:

      @MMA Multiverse tell me which other player in the fullback position or in the team generally has done any of the sorts? You do realize he’s playing to the instructions given by the manager right? It’s obvious you don’t know what you talking about

  7. KYCOZY says:

    Garnacho is going straight to the top man such a good layer

    • MMA Multiverse says:

      Lol you guys see 1 good game and get a erection. Thats called decent dribbling (which could very well be beginners luck cause opponents dont know his game). He did not show anything else in this game
      You kids dont understand what makes a potentially good player

  8. Naohiro Matsumura says:

    That Bruno to Ronaldo pass… In between two defenders, exactly where Ronaldo asked for it.

  9. KYCOZY says:

    Antony spin, Rashford goal, Ronaldo goal and the Reds keep winning. What a day. I’m a happy man

  10. Ebenezer Ndanyuzwe says:

    Great game United💪🏿. And what a performance by Garnacho👏👏

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