Man unknowingly buys former plantation house where his ancestors were enslaved

Man unknowingly buys former plantation house where his ancestors were enslaved

An Air Force veteran wanted a new house for large family gatherings; he ended up getting an incredible link to his family’s past.

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26 Responses

  1. Raleigh Link says:

    Beautiful story, I hope that house has many happy memories moving forward and it’s not always known for its dark past.

    • Johnny Rotten says:

      @Lottie Holman speak how you want, just don’t bring up that BHI nonsense

    • 868 freeman says:

      @Scooby Doo where would they go his family was the indigenous people of the country why is your family still there

    • Roslyn Samuria says:

      i hope for many happy memories for now on i also hope for answers were ate the graves a pray that a Memorial or a plaque is marked their force historical significance the story was very interesting breaks my heart but I’m glad that he has that house now and it will be remembered with happy memories from now on I praying for a happy future in 🇺🇸

    • Wolf Goddess says:

      Hiya Raleigh!!

  2. Thomas R says:

    I hope this family will use the home as a place for gathering, celebration, learning, and sharing.

    Touching story about picking up the pieces generations later, and learning about connection. Every person deserves to know where they came from.

    • Jesus Saves! says:

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!

      Have a blessed day, everyone!! ❤

  3. mirika888 says:

    I don´t know how to express it but this was the most profound thing I ever seen, a family healing through generations, just wow.

  4. Kathy Miller says:

    This is the BEST ancestry story ever!!! I cannot express how happy this makes me. I believe your ancestors are there celebrating every time the family is in that house. Full circle, the way it should be.

  5. BELL TUNNEL says:

    It’s so nice to have a story of a black family’s success. We need more of these.

    • Overitall13 says:

      @Martha Robicheaux logistically it wouldn’t work anymore. Though some families have record of owed land. Time and generations have separated the owners from those lands in most cases. If a big plantation owner had so much land he probably had a lot of kids. Land would be divide and inherited by those kids and their grandkids inherited land until each lot became smaller and smaller. A lot land is now strip malls and roads and new neighborhoods

    • Tonya Justice says:

      William “April” Ellison. Nathaniel Butler, James Pendarvis, Justus Angel, Dilsey Pope, Marie Therese Metoyer….

    • Ian Durfee says:

      @Todd Raymond who cares?

    • Ian Durfee says:

      There are many stories like these. Black people have accomplished so much.

  6. Judith Smith says:

    This reminds us of how close we are to the dark pass of slavery. It’s very present in so many families. I am far removed from this family yet I feel the pain and sadness of the past and present

  7. SPYDER says:

    Look how far he has come. He did his family proud by respecting their sacrifice. This is a great story about what we were to what we are as long as you work and endure.

  8. 🌿Nσɾҽҽɳ Rҽყɳσʂσ says:

    This is one beautiful story, but that cemetery scene and the “hugging the tree” part just hit me straight in my heart. 😔

  9. Josh Disher says:

    This is one of the greatest American success stories I have ever seen or heard about.

    I can only imagine the chills that family gets when just walking around that farm thinking!

    • Debbie Appelhans says:

      @volunteers at work I don’t understand what you’re saying about being human soon ???

      they’ve always been human beings just sad that their masters in the past they were considered livestock’s , people can be so cruel back then here we are today 2022 we are all family and one way or another God bless them all that was house meant to be it’s faith I believe

    • volunteers at work says:

      Dear friend I thank you for your words. Keep the message going soon it will be Human instead of color. Peace ✌️✌️

    • Sebastian B. says:

      American success story – well said. Couldn’t have happened anywhere else.

  10. Ross Kennedy says:

    This story touched my heart as much as it breaks it. I attended Highschool only 13.5 miles from this Plantation. More power to the Miller family and my best wishes.

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