Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham (4-4 agg.): Champions League Recap ft. Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham (4-4 agg.): Champions League Recap ft. Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Tottenham held on to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League after losing 4-3 to Manchester City in a game that will go down in the folklore of the competition.

Raheem Sterling scored twice, as did Son Min-Heung in a crazy opening 21 minutes that saw five goals.

Sergio Aguero gave City the lead in the tie in the second half, before Fernando Llorente turned a ball in via his hip.

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75 Responses

  1. Goleft Fanta says:

    This means an underdog (either Tottenham or Ajax) will make the final. Exciting!

  2. kil koh says:

    Me today…
    O damn spurs vs man city game on at 12pm…. its 12:10pm, lets turn it on,I bet I didnt miss much….

  3. Albert Guerrero says:

    SON is world-class! what an amazing player and he had a wonderful worldcup also!, tie him up Spurs before another team come swooping

  4. Jose Jimenez says:

    If you guys missed this game I feel sorry for you guys one of the best Champions league games I have ever seen ??

    • Xaniel Gonzalez says:

      Nah I think that gose to barcelona vs psg games 6-5 aggregate

    • ALAN GRAVE says:

      Jose Jimenez I didn’t because I forgot they were playing?

    • Mtu Mdosi says:

      +Big DanEither VAR gets it right all the time or not. We can’t pick and chose decisions based off our joy or “pain” of said decisions.

      Man U vs. Baca 1st leg; let me guess VAR got it right on the offside reversal?

    • Big Dan says:

      Mtu Mdosi for Barca’s goal yes that was the right call if you watch the goal there were clearly no offsides anywhere in the goal

    • Big Dan says:

      Xaniel Gonzalez that’s why he said one of

  5. The Seffo Bros says:

    Commentator: “Only a 1-0 game will send the game to extra time”
    Game: 4-3

  6. BoxOfOranges84 says:

    Christian Eriksen: I’m gonna throw this game away in the 90th minute

    VAR: NO

    • Dario Brignoli says:

      F G at 3:41 it clearly shows the ball touches his hip

    • KrystalWolf24 says:

      +Sebastian Mink Nah Aguero was 100% offsides, and he received it from Silva. Even if it was an accidental deflection it’s still considered a pass. Deflections don’t convert the play; if they can still lead to goals they definitely can still lead to an offsides call. I don’t think City did much wrong in the play, and I actually would go as far as to say Silva made the most of that deflection by getting to Aguero. Aguero just needed to watch his positioning, but it was high stakes and very sudden so can’t really blame him.

    • fabio turcios says:

      BoxOfOranges84 lol

    • Bonnie Bryant says:

      Eriksen had such a bad game too..! Bailed out there

  7. Constantine Billis says:

    That reverse call is going to be historical. The main reason why Tottenham won is because even though they didn’t have as many chances as compared to Man City they took advantage on most of them. To be real here Man City were the better side but luck and fighting spirit can win games. Congrats Tottenham.

    • HolyThursday says:

      +Constantine Billis
      @Leo R.

      Check for sarcasm next time. I’m a spurs fan.

    • Eric TheRed says:

      Joaquin Silva yeah it was alllll laprotes fault. He made city get shut out in the first leg and give up all the goals and put Aguero offside. It’s a team sport.

  8. GOAL says:

    Drake when Sterling scores: My curse is finally broken

    VAR: Hold my beer

  9. GOAL says:

    Man City when Sterling scores: Quadruple dream is still on!

    VAR: Hold my beer

  10. Guillermo Cabrales says:

    Laporte cost Man City this game but overall, incredible performance from both sides

  11. Jerry Lu says:

    AND both teams play again on Saturday in the premier league fixture LOL.

  12. adeking 121 says:

    Ok can we all just acknowledged how good son and De Bruyne is, they are both absolute beasts

  13. Epic Tien says:

    Either Tottenham or Ajax is gonna be in the ucl final, what a time that we live in

    • Dr. Complex says:

      +Alex Thoppil Don’t want to be condescending, a finals run is exquisite, however, who emerge as champions would be remembered. Unfortunately, Barca doesn’t look to be succumbing to pressure.

    • Brick Frog Mix says:

      +Brian Ramos That would be ridiculous? Thank goodness I never said either team deserves it more. READ before replying. WTF are you on about though? Ajax has played nearly 200 games in the UCL whereas Tottenham has played less than 50 total. Ajax has been around and won a UCL title whereas Tottenham has not been around at all until the last couple years. Hell, Tottenham hasn’t even won the premier league before. You honestly believe that no one has the right to say Spurs deserve it more than any other team in the field? You’re fucking stupid. I’ll be the only reasonable one here and maintain the idea that, while I’m a Tottenham fan, that I’m rooting for either team to win it all and they both respectfully deserve it in their own right over the other teams.

    • Alex Thoppil says:

      +Dr. Complex I’m sure that Barca is winning if they make the final, but it is possible they lose narrowly to Liverpool in the semis

    • innocent zamkulu says:

      +Anthony Nunez English teams we control football.

    • Dr. Complex says:

      +Sonic The HedgeHog Well, Liverpool and Barca would be the favorites if Spurs make the finals, so you would most likely be able to rest easy, lol.

  14. Simplo Simplo says:

    This game became one of the most legendary game in history with 5goals in 20min… what a game it was!!!!

  15. pato725 says:

    Son the most underrated player in the world. Reminds me of how Ji Sung Park was underrated. He needs a bigger contract. Chelsea fan

    • Eric D says:

      Man utd fan. The biggest regret Ferguson have in his managing career was prob leaving Park Ji-Sung out of the squad in the 2008 final. He’s massively underrated

    • 2006indio says:

      Hes amazing but, the fact that he’s underrated makes teams overlook him. Wait until teams have a true game plan towards him. I feel Ajax underappreciated club will beat them. Juventus fan here. May the best team win.

    • Ike Okparaeke says:

      Son plays wide but I can see him developing into a crazy roaming no 10.

    • mwoelfle says:

      I’d give anything to see Son wearing red.  My favorite non-Liverpool player at the moment.

    • N B says:

      Surely isnt coming to your tinpot club

  16. Meron W says:

    Imagine explaining to a non football watcher that man city lost, won and drew against spurs??

  17. Christopher Racle says:

    As a man city fan, I can’t deny this game was class. Just a shame we had to go out like this. Props to Tottenham

  18. GOAL says:

    4 possible UCL finals now 1. Barcelona vs Ajax – the Cruyff final 2. Barcelona vs Spurs – the Lineker final 3. Liverpool v Ajax – the Litmanen final 4. Liverpool vs Spurs – the Razor Ruddock final

  19. Jilshie says:

    Honestly though, credit to Man City

    They came so close, but yet so VAR

  20. Kue Moo says:

    Son is underrated , y’all sleeping on him ! His shots are insane , power and accuracy !

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