Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/26/2023 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/26/2023 | NBC Sports

Manchester City feel like champions-elect after Erling Haaland’s record-breaking strike wrapped up a rout of Arsenal in a de facto title decider at the Etihad. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Arsenal
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Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/26/2023 | NBC Sports

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51 Responses

  1. Yukina says:

    Not only did Haaland break the goal record after letting his hair flow down he also was top tier linking up play tonight and even provided 2 assists. One of his best performances so far

    • QWERTY says:

      Looking like Goldie locks 😂

    • Brian Reid says:

      ​@El Buki Boooo! Sound Salty 🧂 🧂 🧂

    • Joseph Young says:

      @Newerachamps no just no, I was just making a comparison to their team before, plus they just wouldn’t easily score 25+. This argument is so stupid because Haaland is an absolute world class player but you guys are so sad that he can dismantle your teams that you will say it’s all tap ins or it’s just his teammates or it’s just the money. Accept the fact that he is better than almost any number 9 in the world and he is good no matter where he is. How do you explain his unbelievable scoring in Dortmund?

  2. JayCFC says:

    Kevin De Bruyne showing his class once again in such an important game. Safe to say this is City’s title to lose.

  3. Stoned Cabbage says:

    I talk alot of smack about Man City but they are truly a astonishing team, they make it look so easy some days

  4. Jamaican_4_life! says:

    I saw a different side of Akanji today. He’s going to be the next ‘John Stone’ experiment in midfield.
    So much talent this team. And here I thought losing Cancelo was going to weaken the teams effectiveness, but no.

    Akanji, Foden, Halland, Alvarez… the future of City is mighty bright.

  5. Jay Saravia says:

    Crazy how every. single. player. for city played impressively. All the defenders were solid, and joined the attack multiple times. The midfield was passing and getting out of any press that arsenal tried to do. And the attack doesn’t even need to be mentioned. Arsenal played with heart at times, but could do absolutely nothing against city. :/

  6. ⚡D⚡ Joseph says:

    Kevin and Haaland gave such determined performance. City as a whole was so dominant, it’s actually surprising how many chances Arsenal let them have

    • Bradley Massegee says:

      @Jim Jones ok KDB and haaland make 20m a year, everyone else is on 15m or less. Haaland has the same salary as de gea. Jadon sancho makes more than every city player except haaland and KDB. Once again, good business

    • ⚡D⚡ Joseph says:

      @Bradley Massegee at least somebody here is truthful, way to be unbiased and give actual facts with context.

    • Jim Jones says:

      ​​@Bradley Massegee you’re definitely not even factoring in the wage bill.

    • Bradley Massegee says:

      @Gabriel A Moore haaland was 50m, Kdb 50m, Ruben Dias 50m, gundo 20m, Bernardo 44m, akanji 15m, Kyle walker 45m, ederson 35m, stones 45m, grealish is really the only one that stands out at 100m. City have sold plenty of players too. Sterling, gabby, zinny, Ferran Torres, sane to name a few. Hardly any of those were bought in the same window. It’s smart business, they aren’t overspending.

    • RC says:

      Not that difficult when your bench is better than almost everyone in their squad. If only City paid for their financial and legal violations.

  7. Manpro107 says:

    Haaland was trying to prove the entire game, that he is more than a goal scorer, and a tap-in merchant. What a player.

    • Christopher says:

      @MrVVulf Great comment. Your common sense is rare these days lol. If tap ins were so easy then everybody would be doing it. Besides, they still count as one point just like the rest.

    • Jesse Alsop says:

      @SMP yeah i agree he was shy of perfect and he still scored one and assisted two. he’s just that good. the goal record says it all. and he scores bangers too!

    • Emiliano Montanez says:

      @MrVVulfFr who wouldn’t want to throw up a crazy pass to a teammate knowing he’ll finish it

    • MrVVulf says:

      Any creative midfielder worth his salt would be quite happy with a “tap-in merchant” up front.
      It’s rare to find a forward with Haaland’s eye for goal and poise under 25 years old.
      The last time we (football fans) saw a player under 23 years old with such a season was Ronaldo R9 in his only year at Barcelona.

    • SMP says:

      He’s the goat. But he missed the majority of his sitters 😆 🤣 he also didn’t pass back to de bruyne when he did la croqueta for an open tap in. 7/10 that game

  8. Ario says:

    The highlights missed the final moments building up to Haalands goal, him just releasing his locks, and the cameras all focusing on him. He was rushing the Arsenal team to throw in literally with seconds left. Legendary scene

  9. oRqiled says:

    Crazy how Haaland scores so much but is so unselfish and an underrated playmaker. If he stays at a consistently strong club for his whole career and doesn’t get a major injury he might be able to break Ronaldo’s goal record

    • Icarus says:

      @JM26  bruh, do you even watch football? He has 7 assists this season, including these 2. This is great for a #9 in his first season in the premier league along with his 33 goals. Forget mbappe in his farmers’ league. Man is not even in his prime, 22 years old. Even tapping in requires a great amount of skill, and that’s not even all he can do. Can you comprehend or is too much for you?

    • Matt Smith says:

      Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever but he scored most of his goals in a defensively weak league. Haaland would put up 70 in the Spanish league. Just truth.

    • George Santana says:

      ​@oRqiledi wouldn’t be to sure, at the pace he’s going he will become superior than Ronaldo, this is not even Peak Haaland

  10. BuddyGuy says:

    While Halaand only scored 1, you can tell how much he’s developing as a player. Better dribbling, better passing, and great finishing as always. City have to be the most complete team in the world right now. Hope they win UCL. This group of players deserve it!

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