Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/17/2020 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/17/2020 | NBC Sports

Manchester City cruised past 10-man Arsenal behind goals from Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterCity #Arsenal
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Manchester City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/17/2020 | NBC Sports

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99 Responses

  1. Sam Deignan says:

    Chelsea finessed Arsenal with the Luiz transfer LMAO

  2. Agnes Mutho says:

    Arsenal are a team of fools aubameyang should leave his talent is being wasted lol

    • Justin Odediran says:

      @Javier Landaverde thats why ozil would have been class. honestly you know thats what arteta wanted to do with xhaka as the deep lying playmaker but he god injured and ceballos doesent rlly have the dicipline to stay back and ping balls

    • Alex says:

      Facts I don’t know why too think coming to Arsenal will do anything for them

    • Swaggy P says:

      And they were blaming everything on mkhitaryan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @Swaggy P Mkhitaryan was not the problem, freaking Unai Emry kept playing him as a LW or RW while everyone knew at Dortmoud he was best played as the #10. Could have been different for Arsenal had Mkhitaryan had played #10.

    • Luke C says:

      SANTANDER FC you cant even spell “commas” lmao

  3. Juanito Jr says:

    Wishing Eric Garcia a speedy Recovery!

    • Csokops10 says:

      @Ajani Forrester I’m guessing you didn’t watch the game

    • Ajani Forrester says:

      Csokops10 I only watch like 5 min of the 1st half and call it quits.

    • Duerphy Kat says:

      Ajani Forrester you were like. OH IT’S ARSENAL, then turned off the TV. Honestly I don’t blame you for calling it quits cause of Arsenal 😂

    • Ajani Forrester says:

      Duerphy Kat lol I just got fed up remember how bad city have been performing in the champions league for the past few years and the fact they are way out of the title run this season, I only want to see if they’re gonna finish off Madrid in the UCL. And yea ain’t nobody wants to watch arsenal either lol.

    • BeeHead says:

      @Ajani Forrester He got knocked into another time zone, absolutely leveled by his own keeper as he was running back toward his own goal after a high ball and his keeper was running out. Looked devastating. Completely defenseless and didn’t see it coming.

  4. Ismail Elsahli says:

    I rather put Özil at defense.

  5. Felix Aguto says:

    David Luiz getting sacked in the morning👹

  6. Jonathan Arroyo says:

    Atleti wins 5 0 but Thomas would rather play for these jokers

  7. Janny890 says:

    Leno must feel like Special Ed teacher working with these defenders jfc.

  8. Mason Balogun says:

    David Luis should go on loan by the end of the season who gets to red cards in a season such a bad defender

    • Mohamed Ali says:

      Duerphy Kat Van dijk is remember he was a Celtic reject too

    • Duerphy Kat says:

      Mohamed Ali actually Southampton made him into the player, Klopp just made him better

    • Mohamed Ali says:

      Duerphy Kat but still just look at how many rejects are in that team, klopp is really smart unlike pep he’s a good motivator if a player believes in himself then he’s the best that’s what klopp is good at doing

    • Duerphy Kat says:

      Mohamed Ali true, although I don’t think Klopp can turn anyone into a superstar, he’s good at motivating and improving but someone like David Luiz is a stretch

    • Wak3UpAm3r1ca says:

      @Mohamed Ali lol I know, I’m just poking fun at Ramos because even though he’s very good, he always seems to make a couple stupid challenges

  9. H.Dgames says:

    leno was the man of the match.

  10. The Resistance says:

    Sometimes I feel bad for Leno, he’s a terrific goalkeeper but he’s playing with idiots

  11. Kitten Sue says:

    Motm City: David Luiz 1 assist and 1 present
    Motm Arsenal: Leno their only player

  12. R0NA1D0 7 says:

    Imagine signing David Luiz and making your defense a whole lot worse

  13. Wasil Khan says:

    10:50 Mustafi should be reminded of the lesson “never give up” and he could have been to that ball before Foden .. but he just doesn’t care

  14. Itzur a says:

    This was so embarrassing, tough time to be an arsenal fan :((

    • Ismael Rivera says:

      It was, but taking a step back and looking at things in context we caught a couple really bad breaks early on. Team selection could have also been better that’s the one fault against Arteta, I think Laca and Pepe should have started, even Ozil. Should have played the experienced/technical side. If you’re going to play on the counter you don’t need the energy to press, it’s counter-intuitive. You just need to maintain shape, wait for the ball and be able to counter at speed and precision. Instead, he opted for energy and speed while also playing for the counter. I think Arteta may have learned some valuable lessons today.

    • Oluwatimilehin Ogunade says:

      @Ismael Riverahe definitely should have had a more experienced squad, I mean look at the players on the bench, bad time to experiment with the youngsters, this is city we are talking about

    • Gil Garcia says:

      Nope still invincivles 😂 Liverpool fan here waiting for the prem crown for the first time in my life 😂

    • 24TimE says:

      Gil Garcia bro literally no one cares. They having a nice conversation and you just come to ruin it.

  15. bebang linus taku says:

    This match was more like a training session for City. Arteta’s starting lineup wasn’t the best. You don’t put all your babies on the pitch to battle with the champ

    • Wiil Somali ah says:

      Arteta out

    • Ozumṣauce says:

      The problem was that Mustafi and Luiz played instead of Sokratis

    • Antares says:

      Arsenal fans always moaning about team selection. We have seen in the past that even your very best are not good enough and the result is the exact same. And then hear demands to play the youngsters because they at least run.

  16. Noahlaw3 says:

    Honestly feel bad for Leno, some quality goalkeeping today and his defense just lets him down again like always

  17. bbkangs says:

    Looked like Arteta was holding back tears. 😢

  18. Maxwell Tan says:

    Chelsea’s world class spy in the rescue😂😂

  19. pat says:

    We were so smart for selling Luiz

    • Joshisone MD says:

      @Duerphy Kat lmao😂

    • Duerphy Kat says:

      Joshisone MD they gave you Giroud and get David Luiz in return, now that’s a steal 👌

    • Joshisone MD says:

      @Duerphy Kat always a great result when we do business with Arsenal. Unfortunately its the very opposite for them 😂

    • Duerphy Kat says:

      Joshisone MD They haven’t learned their lesson yet 🤣

    • Joshisone MD says:

      @Duerphy Kat honestly at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years or next decade Arsenal will be in a relegation battle or already in the championsh. I mean honestly with all this mediocrity it could come back to haunt them in a few years.

  20. goodnight, nate says:

    david luiz literally every game: 🤷‍♂️

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