Manchester City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/1/2023 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/1/2023 | NBC Sports

Facing a potentially disastrous blow to their title ambitions, Manchester City emphatically stepped up to hammer Liverpool 4-1 and pull within five points of Arsenal. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Liverpool
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Manchester City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/1/2023 | NBC Sports

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48 Responses

  1. Nate Wilde says:

    How on earth do you choose a front line with Haaland, Alvarez, Grealish, Mahrez, and Foden all vying for time? What a team

  2. MFIGUREIV says:

    I’m glad Grealish is showcasing what he truly can do, it only took him one year to get adjusted to Peps tactics and coaching

  3. Shiven Sankalia says:

    Haaland is maybe the best pure goal scorer in the world, but alvarez is pure class as well – there’s a reason he was starting for argentina. Honestly hope pep can find a way to play both because it is a shame for alvarez to sit on the bench.

    • Lancer Hu says:

      Haaland has the height and physical strength which Alvarez lacks. Against Liverpool, Alvarez lost the ball at least twice to physical challenges. Haaland needs to improve dribbling, passing and play making, which he is already doing. TBH, Alvarez can be the next KDB. The ball to Mahrez for the second City goal was crazy!

    • ZeroDarknezz says:

      @Ahmed Imtiyaz Lmfao chill, Haaland is way superior you’re giving Alvarez too much credit.

    • Casey Held says:

      @dred understood that the whole time. That’s not how the comment was worded. “Better overall player” and “different qualities” are two completely different things

    • Andy Lopez says:

      I mean he could play 2 strikers, and mahrez and grealish in wings but obviously pep likes to play tiki taka type of style. So page prefers to have 3 midfield

    • Omar Chi says:


  4. Finisterre_ says:

    alvarez is too good for the bench. definitely deserves a lot more minutes

  5. Avasarala Roy says:

    Having Alvarez as their second choice is crazy quality depth

  6. YoungBeastKiller says:

    Liverpool made us think they would win by scoring first and then they really said “April fools”

  7. Callum Marshall says:

    Grealish looked so happy to get that goal. Played really well today. Also great guy in general.

    • William says:

      Alexander Arnold has a way of making people look better

    • JreedVick7 says:

      Despite how well he’s played all year, he knows he’s always going to be judged on goals with that transfer fee. Everytime he scores, I’m so happy for him, because you can tangibly see a lift in his spirit, regardless of how well he’s played prior.

    • Prince One says:

      Power of the calf 😂

    • legniak1 says:

      Quietly having an excellent season. Adapting to Peps system well.

  8. daedalus_20v says:

    I was critical of Grealish when he first joined the team, and there are still moments where he sort of “falls back” (or forward lol), but he’s making steady contributions now and it’s good to see him get on the scoreboard for his efforts.

  9. Mucho Chalupa says:

    Alvarez definitely adds another dimension to City’s attack, top quality.

    • Londzale says:

      He’s 3 times better than Jesus. Stronger faster more clinical plays excellent defense and best of all he doesn’t moan and cry like Jesus

    • Alejo says:

      i agree . every time he got into the field he made something to change the game.

  10. Jacob Palma says:

    Being a Liverpool fan has been a whirlwind this season

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