Manchester City v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/2/2022 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/2/2022 | NBC Sports

Hat-trick performances from Phil Foden and Erling Haaland helped guide Manchester City to a dominant 6-3 victory over rivals Manchester United at the Etihad. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #ManUnited
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Manchester City v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/2/2022 | NBC Sports

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56 Responses

  1. Danjoker says:

    Haaland is unbelievable. He’s making scoring hattricks a common thing.

  2. Huso Ibas says:

    3 Hat-tricks 8 Appearances Haaland is unbelievable, I can’t believe people were doubting this man coming to the Prem League 😂🐐🐐

  3. JayCFC says:

    Haaland and Foden building that bond, with De Bruyne and Silva creating plenty of chances for them. It’s looking scary.

    • ッLord539 says:

      @Mohamed Chahine and he’s already reached “potential to be special”

    • ッLord539 says:

      @Antonio Venegas don’t jinx it. That’s what Liverpool fans said last season and look what happened

    • Doodler 2D says:

      How can you forget Gundogan? He’s running the engine back there.

    • Marcus says:

      Yeah, Arsenal look great but I do not think anyone stands a chance with this Man city team this season. Haaland is scoring more goals than the did in the Bundesliga, it’s just gotten easier for him in the Premier League, because he has way better players around him, notably KDB, Silva, and Foden.

    • Haitian Kid says:

      @Ronald Sosa “snuck Barca” tell me you don’t watch games outside of the prem and the UCL without telling me. City, PSG, Madrid , Arsenal and Barca have been the best teams in this beginning of season, that’s just facts. Liverpool, Chelsea and even Bayern have been struggling and not playing that good🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Nathan Keys says:

    Haaland has 14 goals now and De Bruyne has 8 assist. These two are the deadliest duo in the world right now.

  5. Vineet Posani says:

    Erling Haaland you monster! 17 goals already this season! Unbelievable player!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. newtypezaku says:

    Watching in real time, it’s like, how did Haaland reach that cross? Then you watch the replay, the dude slides in anticipation and times his kick, so it’s even MORE unbelievable.

  7. chumpter says:

    That De Bruyne x Haaland partnership is a lot scarier than I thought it would be. The ball for the third goal was inch-perfect.

  8. Nokes10 says:

    Halaand is insane we haven’t seen talent like that since the beginning of the ronaldo/Messi saga

  9. Lucas Hernandez says:

    Haaland is honestly a machine , what can’t this man do? His finishing is amazing, man scores goals left and right! what a beast!

    • Cole Merchant says:

      @Andualem Alemu OK hes a striker that’s he’s job, he builds up pretty well city obviously aren’t struggling he also gave a great kdb type assist in today’s game.

    • Andualem Alemu says:

      @Cole Merchant watch all games Haaland had. Then you will understand man. There are more games ahead of us to see him.

    • Cole Merchant says:

      @Andualem Alemu You clearly haven’t watched his games if you did you wouldn’t make that statement.

    • Andualem Alemu says:

      Halaand can’t build game. He is just great finisher. Stand somewhere, get ball and score.

    • R Wholemilkisgood says:

      @Cole Merchant inter zlatan was different, but haaland will def be better

  10. LJ says:

    He really did mean it when he said he’s looking forward to playing against United

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