Manchester City v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/17/19 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/17/19 | NBC Sports

The weekend’s top fixture lived up to its billing, as Manchester City and Tottenham played a thrilling match at the Etihad that ended in controversy. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Tottenham
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Manchester City v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/17/19 | NBC Sports

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91 Responses

  1. John Bangura says:

    VAR doesn’t like Manchester City ?

  2. fryloc77 says:

    De Bruyne is just a beast!!

  3. Joshua Prince says:

    Man City top rivals this season

  4. Alex Meredith says:

    This could actually be a good rivalry, i call it the VAR derby

  5. the annointed one says:

    Handball changed the trajectory of the ball. It’s not a stupid rule to dissallow it because it clearly influenced the play….. Or maybe im just a Liverpool fan

    • Sam H says:

      abby g it hits laportes arm first. Look at it again

    • mathjoker says:

      If that had hit a defender’s arm and they had cleared it, it would be called a penalty 100%. It would be called even without the new rules.

    • mathjoker says:

      @Flaqko _GTA His arms should be glued next to his body just like it has to be for defenders. They call more ridiculous handballs against defenders all the time.

    • mathjoker says:

      @Toa Ninjis If they called fouls like that you’d have a penalty on every corner kick.

    • Flaqko _GTA says:

      @mathjoker he was jumping in the air xD you know how ridiculous it would look jumping with your hands glued to your waste xD GET REAL!

  6. pablo barahona says:

    ??? Poor Gabriel Jesus. 11:11 Gabriel Jesus: second time, second time @#$*%. What a ending

  7. Pwnツ says:

    Only thing I see challenging city for the league is var at this point

    • zwebackshyper says:

      and it’s fair imagine last year how many times they got away with this stuff

    • Gary Harold says:

      @zwebackshyper they would have last year the handball rule changed this season

    • Dagmawi Haile says:

      @Quang Phu City’s rivals
      1. Liverpool
      2. VAR

    • Quang Phu says:

      @Dagmawi Haile yeah var changed football but in a good way. Made it more intensive!

    • zwebackshyper says:

      Gary Harold im talking about var as a whole it’s a lot better now so that teams in the prem cant get away with the lousy officiating that we see in the prem every year just look at how many goals have been overturned already its better for the game that way teams don’t get cheated of valuable points

  8. Bobby Shmurda says:

    This was like a FIFA game FFS? but this fixture always brings drama

  9. Praz says:

    Legend has it Jesus is still celebrating…..

  10. Rudolf Jordan says:

    Tottenham vs Manchester city will turn into a rivalry game. You can feel tension between the teams.

    • Csokops10 says:

      Liverpool vs Man City too

    • uCan't be Serious says:

      @Sylvester Banini No. It was written before that. It was written but FIFA always decides when to their rule changes go into effect. During that season, it was decide that the rule would go into effect following the season, which is the natural decision as has always been the case when FIFA changes rules.

    • elsonlam says:

      Beside Liverpool and City, Spurs is probably the most stabled of all the top clubs. The biggest problem Spurs have is their transfer policy. Poch said that he doesn’t get a choice in who to sign. And that’s always a bad sign.

    • Oon Ha Shin says:

      @uCan’t be Serious Totally true. They have already set the effective date way before.

    • Alan Garcia says:

      paranormalfrank get suspended? Are you mentally challenged or just really stupid. He should’ve slapped the ref in the face. That “handball” was a joke.

  11. Sonny and the Hotspurs says:

    In other news Tottenham have just signed a new world class defender, VAR

  12. Jordan DeBow says:

    Teams need to start locking down De Bruyne because the man could’ve had a hattrick of assists

  13. Brian says:

    Now those dances and celebration that Jesus made just seem so funny now lol.

  14. DataGuy says:

    So, what’s going to happen with all the romancing between Pep and Aguero after goal was disallowed??

  15. Most complete memelord in the World says:

    These two clubs never disappoint when they meet, great match

  16. Jonathan Cummins says:

    First goal was insane. You can see DeBruyne look to see if Sterling is in the right position right before Bernardo passes him the ball. He sees he is, and Sterling knows the ball is coming his way and gets a great header in because of it. DeBruyne plays the ball without even looking knowing his teamate will be there. City football is fantastic

  17. DigitallyVeiled says:

    Gabriel Jesus always looks likes he’s about to cry

  18. Jedd Nabi says:

    Just as Pep and Aguero were about to deep kiss, the Var didn’t allow them to do it

  19. Isaac Martinez says:

    Regardless of the VAR call, that’s what we get for NOT FINISHING those chances.

  20. danielacti says:

    I still am not used to Kyle Walker’s shaved head

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