Manchester City v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/2023 | NBC Sports

Manchester City v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/2023 | NBC Sports

Tottenham stunned Manchester City with a quickfire double minutes before halftime, but the champions netted three goals of their own in the span of 12 minutes to turn the tables for a comeback win. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterCity #Tottenham
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Manchester City v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/2023 | NBC Sports

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51 Responses

  1. Sergio C says:

    Year in and year our Mahrez shows just how important he is either starting or off the bench. One of the leagues most underrated players, possibly ever.

  2. James Alexander says:

    Shoutout to the NBC team that puts these highlights together so quickly. Y’all are more reliable than public transportation

  3. ToomanyJ's ToomanyR's says:

    Been a Mahrez fan since he was at Leicester. Him and Kante were absolutely important to that 2016 Leicester miracle season.
    Pep snatched him up and hasn’t been disappointed.

  4. Edis Lettuce says:

    Mahrez is such a fantastic player, I was a fan of him even before he joined City, I am so happy for a player of his talents

  5. Nchinda Bella says:

    This young man Rico Lewis is on another level. He has so mastered pep’s new setup so well. Always move up to crowd the midfield. Mahrez was phenomenal.

    • My uncles toes says:

      @Tenzin Woedencancelo was originally a rb but he plays on the left most the time. U dont know ball just stop

    • Connor sanchez says:

      @Tenzin Woeden Grown person on a youtube comment section trying to berate a teenage footballer lol

    • David Shatto says:

      @Marvin Prudencio ordinarily I would agree with you but this year isn’t a great example of TAA’s talents

    • Marvin Prudencio says:

      @Tenzin Woeden full backs don’t require strength to be great. Look at Robertson, Alba, TAA, etc. all weak and being bullied but there defensive awareness and creativity makes up for it. This ain’t rugby this is football.

    • Marvin Prudencio says:

      @Tenzin Woeden yet your dumb self comparing him to Messi and Ronaldo dribbling past players when he’s a defender 😂 And if you weren’t a child and would have watched football for longer than one year you would probably know that Cancelo can play on both sides like he did at Juve as a RB.

  6. Adam Wanly says:

    Not a fan of Manchester City, but to make a huge comeback in a game like this is really big. Pep Guardiola is such a great coach!

  7. Vihan Subramaniam says:

    Mahrez is one of the most underrated wingers of all time. Been crucial in so many big moments and a huge part of many trophy successes. What a player.

  8. JayCFC says:

    What an amazing game Mahrez had. Tottenham throwing the game away after going 2-0 up? Can’t say I’m surprised.🤷🏾‍♂

  9. Daniel says:

    Brilliant comeback by city, this is a champions team can deal with almost any setback Mahrez is fantastic btw

  10. Mayor says:

    As good as this comeback is, this is still raising concerns to the way we are playing as of late. Good win

    • Jidé Odusola says:

      @Mayor if he adds to his game like kane did, he’d hit Messi numbers for sure

    • Mayor says:

      @Jidé Odusola oh most definitely. Haaland will add to his repertoire. And I hope he develops well for us to become even more unstoppable.

    • Jidé Odusola says:

      @Mayor its def gonna take a couple more preseasons for haaland to add that playmaking or build up to his game. eventually in this city team i just expect him to get better at it as the years go on

    • Mayor says:

      @MiracleDiddy yea that’s the thing. Haaland has scored 22 goals but he 8/10 times just waits for the ball. But then again that’s his play style so it’s not gonna be easy to change. This whole situation is a tug of who needs to change who. I’m not gonna critique just one person but the team in general needs to start adapting and bouncing back.

    • MiracleDiddy says:

      Seems lately we a trying our comeback game but also haalaand just needs to change his style a bit and we should be more solid

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