Manchester City vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

Guardiola has achieved historic success with Man City, but a European title eludes them. Can City bottle Benzema and take a massive step vs. Real Madrid?

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36 Responses

  1. Zinegnaw Yeshambel says:

    This is how the game should be. Pretty fair, lots of chances missed, lots of goals, this is what champions leagues is all about. No drama, just pure football.

  2. Viraj Shah says:

    The fact that Madrid managed to escape the game with only a one-goal deficit is insanely impressive given the start–definitely would not be complaining if I was Ancelotti.

  3. TheThreatenedSwan says:

    Real Madrid’s defense was sitting back so much and not tracking runs between the lines. It was bizarre even when playing such a talented team

  4. friendsshare says:

    Football won today. What an exceptional game and near perfect refereeing. An instant classic


    You’d think this class of football was something you’d see in the championship finals. Great game from both squads.

  6. Gabriel Bejarano says:

    This game had me at the edge of my couch for the full 94 minutes! INCREDIBLE!!

    • YungSage 420 says:

      @azazello 17 so you’re telling me a game with 7 goals isn’t exciting to you. Damn hopefully they score 18 on the 2nd leg to exceed your expectations

  7. Jimmy Jams says:

    This commentator was _feeling_ himself, and for good reason… “He has *_CREAMED_* that into the top corner” 😂😂

  8. Connor M says:

    Both Madrid and City are doing exactly what was expected with City absolutely insane for the full 90 and Madrid shaky at the back in the beginning before turning it on after 30. The second leg will be insane.

  9. Ryan Schultz says:

    Incredible game! 1 of the best I’ve ever seen! Obviously as a Manchester City fan I would’ve liked City to preserve a 2 goal advantage. But Madrid are class. KDB was brilliant, and Benzema is simply the best striker in the world atm! Sorry to see Stones go off injured again. Hopefully he can get back healthy soon. But I believe Cancelo & Walker returning for the 2nd leg. Will be what propels Manchester City into the Champions League Final! What a spectacle! C’mon CI-TEH!!!🙌💙

  10. Anthony JcJr says:

    What a great semifinal. It’s been a minute since we had good games like this with a lot of games

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