Manchester City win Community Shield vs. Liverpool in penalty shootout | FA Community Shield

Manchester City win Community Shield vs. Liverpool in penalty shootout | FA Community Shield

Manchester City got the better of Liverpool in penalties and claim the FA Community Shield for the second year in a row in an absolutely riveting game. Raheem Sterling put City in front in the first half with a tap-in that left much to be desired from the Liverpool defense, but the Reds returned in the second half full throttle, finally getting a much-deserved goal courtesy of Joel Matip. Kyle Walker provided an unbelievable clearance to deny Mohamed Salah at the end of regular time, and Gigi Wijnaldum was the lone miss during penalties, allowing Gabriel Jesus to slot home the inner and claim the shield.

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65 Responses

  1. Shrooms # says:

    Damn I should of watched this game live

    • millatym04 says:

      shaolinWOLF36 you and I both know that wasn’t a “friendly”… that was all out war.

    • Jefferson Garcia says:

      Roland Koliyah I’m from the US. If you don’t want to pay for ESPN+ and actually need a website that isn’t full of shit. Use HadeTv. One of my classmates showed me it and I’m very grateful. You’ll never miss any games and they’re all free

    • shaolinWOLF36 says:

      @millatym04 I don’t know because I would never waste my time watching the community shield lol it’s like the club world cup or the “super cup”

    • millatym04 says:

      Jefferson Garcia it’s impossible to navigate the sight when you don’t speak Indonesian though ?

    • millatym04 says:

      shaolinWOLF36 if you don’t want to bother watching two of the most exciting teams in the world battle it out, that’s your own prerogative.

      Myself, I enjoy watching any and all games. I’m obsessed with the game….

  2. Bob Marley says:

    Manchester City (Premier League Champs) vs Liverpool (European Champs) Great way to end the 18/19 season and begin the 19/20 season.

  3. Jared Sanchez says:

    City will win the Premier League for the 3rd time in a row

  4. Jared Sanchez says:

    Walker the ninja!!!

  5. Rishabh Sen says:

    I see Stones has taught Walker well.

  6. Jr says:

    Boi Mo salah had like 50 shots ?

  7. K C says:

    Happy to see bravo in goal and confident hopefully he will have an amazing season as no. 2

  8. Advenco says:

    Bravo on penalties is not fair.

  9. Anthony Flores says:

    What a match great performances from both sides

  10. truedbzfan foreverdbz says:

    Sterling could have had a hat trick if he’d made those other 2 goals

  11. Charlie Thomas says:

    For a second I thought that was Wenger at the end and was so confused

  12. Anthony Cuzmar says:

    bravo getting his confidences back

  13. Daniel Lau says:

    As a Barcelona fan, I am so happy for Claudio Bravo. You deserve this man, and what a save! ?? ????

  14. Mike says:

    ESPN, always, always show all the penalties. Amateur move.

  15. c32amgftw says:

    Is it that hard to upload the entire penalty shootout?

  16. AY Blackie says:

    ?You know it doesn’t cost you a thing to upload the entire penalty kicks?

  17. ScoobySkreep says:

    Liverpool vs the goal line, rivalry of the decade

    • liI Shmeat says:

      hitmonchan52 LC best PL story. CL Vs spurs nothing to brag about

    • Aaron Levi says:

      @Pablo Escobar Winning 4 league titles in supposedly the most challenging and competitive league in 7 years does. Only 6 other clubs have ever won the english league champions 3 years in a row. The last club that was able to do it was Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, so yea I would say regardless of what City does in Europe they are looking like this specific Man City team will go down as one of the greatest English Premier League teams of all time. I realize you being a Liverpool fan you probably don’t really understand what Premiere league titles mean. Domestic league success guarantees longevity of success, all you have to do is look at the difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona. If you honestly believe you ran rely on consistently winning champions leagues without ever winning league titles than your team will eventually decline because that is not sustainable long term, again just look at Real Madrid lol.

    • Aaron Levi says:

      @hitmonchan52 Do you honestly think Liverpool is going to win the CL again this year? If they managed to do that then I would be impressed, but that is highly unlikely given how rarely teams repeat in the tournament. Enjoy holding on to a 2018-2019 trophy because that will be the only trophy you have to hold on to for a while. I mean, are you honestly going to pretend like winning a CL against tottenham is really that significant? Especially after lucking out and Barca completely complapsed in their second leg blowing a 3-0 lead? Again, I get it Liverpool won, but all I am saying is how liverpool won does matter in regard to continued success. Is that trophy going to feel as good after City wins their 3rd league title in a row, probably also win the FA or League cup, and end up at worst in the semi finals in the CL or even winning it? I am not even a city fan by the way, that is just how the season will play out. And Liverpool will end up 2nd or 3rd most likely in the league, and getting knocked out in the CL in the round of 16 or quarter finals.

    • hitmonchan52 says:

      @Aaron Levi lol theyve made it to the last two finals so what are you going on about???? Show respect where it’s due..getting to two finals isn’t easy. Ask barca and madrid

    • hitmonchan52 says:

      @Aaron Levi you keep saying look at madrid amd barca. Lets look at them. Barca wins la liga year after year and crash out in CL . lol CL will forever eclipse domestic cups. Witch is why teams like barca focusbon league because they know how hard it is to win UCL ? and why madrid focuses on cl instead of la liga

  18. Isaiah Pavia-Cruz says:

    This match was better than the Champions League final

  19. Angel Caicedo says:

    Pep definitely won the FIFA coach of the year! ??

  20. YourBoyHector says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan. Sad they lost but that was one hell of a game! Congrats man city

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