MANCHESTER DERBY WIN! 🔴🤩 | Man Utd 2-1 Man City | Highlights

MANCHESTER DERBY WIN! 🔴🤩 | Man Utd 2-1 Man City | Highlights

A second-half comeback at Old Trafford saw Marcus Rashford tap in the winner after Bruno Fernandes scored the equaliser to cancel out City’s opener! 🔥

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31 Responses

  1. Nolly Great Movies says:

    Rahsford can’t just stop scoring, Case is rolls royce, Varane on point, Bruno always working tirelessly, Malacia=energy, Wan Bissaka is smoking hot, Garnacho is a gem, Shaw holding the center back solidly. The whole team is on fire. United is cooking again, thanks to ETH. Long may it continue. GGMU

  2. Oluwafemi Onatolu says:

    Garnacho plays like he’s been playing for the senior team for a long time! I love how the whole team is playing so well & the whole responsibility isn’t on him. The media would have pressured him if reverse was the case of his situation. No doubt ETH knows how to get the job done!! He’s transformed everyone in that team

    • Aniket Prasad says:

      @ONIGIRI he aint english. On other note where did zidane iqbal go

    • Gilgamesh Cicero says:

      When we prayed for someone from the bench to lift our morality who thought it would be Him. He misses the first cross badly but who would have thought he would just turn like that and make a cross

    • TheStroke says:

      @francisco ahumada everytime bro United produce a gem every time they struggling just like Macheda on aston vila clutch goal then Rashford a new gem in 2017, and now Garnacho..

    • ONIGIRI says:

      @francisco ahumada hope he doesn’t end like greenwood.

    • francisco ahumada says:

      Thats sooo true, garnacho is really lucky to just happen to pop up on a time united is playing well and top form, so he doesnt get any pressure from fans or media, Plus he has ten hag, an youngster talent expert, man, so exited to see what can garnacho become.

  3. Mobile Games KH says:

    I have nothing to say! Just: What a Match! What a Team! And What a Manager! Cheer for this Great Victory 😘

  4. Mohamad Fahmi says:

    Hope we can carry this performance until the end of seasons…never give up guys 👏👏👏

    • Edwin Diansyah says:

      Or even better

    • Whats'App+⑦ ⑨⑨⑨ ⑨②⑦-⑨⑧-⑤③ says:

      ɭǫǫķ ųƥ 👆 ąŋ ǫƥƥǫŗţųŋįţƴ wįɭɭ ɓę ɠįvęŋ ţǫ ƴǫų ţǫ ɱąķę şǫɱę çąşђ įŋ ƒęw ђǫųŗş ђįţ ųş ųƥ įƒ ƴǫų’ŗę įŋţęŗęşţęd

  5. Abang Ren says:

    What an Epic comeback, well done lads.

  6. UnitedPeoplesTV says:

    Erik ten Hag man. We’re lucky to have him. Bring on the next few years with owners who match his ambition and we will win all the pots ❤️

    • Kunal Bulloram says:

      The owner must get him evey player he needs then the rest is on him to win every cup and tittle

    • Victor Kreig says:

      @Duncan one can only hope lol
      I swear if the gunners can get back to that form we will see the best football history has ever known
      United and Arsenal fueling each other’s success to fight for dominance is the absolute peak of the sport

    • Dhavey Dhast says:

      @My butt all that matters is 3 points an closing the gap between us (man u) an city

    • My butt says:

      Nah… Ten hag just using ole tactic counter… No difference when ole win again city

    • Fútbol Club Extraterrestre says:

      Maybe van der Sar with Scholes would do the job and RvN in some position

  7. ana. says:

    As a Brazilian I’m happy that Fred contributed with an assist! Go Manchester. ❤️💛

  8. sarthak chauhan says:

    That glare of pride in Sir Alex Ferguson’s at 2:23 says it all, Go you Reds !

  9. Sibi Vasanthy says:

    Been watching the highlights again and again. The second goal gives me goosebumps every time. Red wave of emotions 🥶❤️

  10. Robbie Dundas-smith says:

    Incredible performance. I am so proud of my team

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