Manchester United v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/29/19 | NBC Sports

Manchester United v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/29/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Manchester United and Burnley during Premier League’s Matchweek 24. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Burnley
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Manchester United v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/29/19 | NBC Sports

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81 Responses

  1. LilPipiVert says:

    There’s still flaws w this team but I’ll take these type of draws then anything Like earlier in this season. CMON UNITED ❤️

  2. KG Cool says:

    I didn’t expect win if we were putting Phil Jones in starting lineup

  3. That Booty says:

    2:31 they’re always going to bring up his bad touches but never ones like those??‍♂️

  4. Hayden Kim says:

    Fergie time is finally back!!!

  5. Wesley Hewett says:

    6 months without a start, Ole finally gives you a chance, and you make a mistake that costs us the game. Great job Periera

    • Pablo Gonzalez says:

      If you pay close attention Phil Jones was just standing there. Reacts poorly for that moment as a defender.

    • Pablo Gonzalez says:

      +Jay Hova To be honest it looked like a foul

    • Pablo Gonzalez says:

      +Mtin Not just American fans but, fans worldwide. You must also be an American. The Premier League should not be seen like the MLS. Stick with watching the MLS where a lot of foreign players play at and legends go to retire. It is a business either way so, I guess bandwagons buying merchandise are welcomed ?????

    • brandonb says:

      Wesley Hewett It was a mistake. I’m much more disappointed with the way we ‘defended’ Burnley’s second goal.

    • Logan says:

      You just made yourself sound dumb lmao 6 months without a start of course you aren’t gonna play that well and anyway he was playing somewhat cdm and that’s definitely not his position

  6. Lamb Sauce says:

    Defence is terrible for man united

  7. ZunfiX says:

    Stop playing Phil Jones and get a RB

  8. J BraunBraun says:

    Lindeloff saved himself, poor marking by him on burnleys 2nd goal. Then redeems himself by smashing in the rebound for uniteds 2nd goal. Must say under Jose this team would have quit after being down 2-0, they showed heart tonight.

  9. David Atkinson says:

    Barnes is so entertaining to watch. Underrated in my opinion. Great physical presence and skill

  10. Alex Leadbetter says:

    That second goal by Burnley was disgraceful defending by United.

  11. Conan King says:

    With rashford as the foward things were going great. why change?

    • Abdamikxs says:

      he wanted to give them a chance to prove themselves. He knows what it feels like to be left out. They just keep letting him down.

    • zettle 234 says:

      How are you suppose to figure out who needs to go, if you don’t play them? Your not playing for the championship, your playing for the future… Play the guys sitting on the bench, and weed out the ones who are no good. I want to see someone else playing defense, to see if there are any keepers?

    • Defusionx Is boo says:

      zettle 234 i mean United needs to WIN! If they want to make the champions league. Rashford has been hot as of late, don’t see why take him out. Guess united wants to have fun in the Europa league ?‍♂️

  12. Justin N says:

    this is why we need Herrera who keep moving for defending and attacking

  13. Raheen Cunningham says:

    if only the commentator knew what was gonna happen 6:44 after the second goal

  14. Aros San says:

    Ole should be partly blamed for this draw.

    Don’t play Rashford at d same position he never flourished under Mourinho.

    • Manny 97 says:

      +Cmr tv but why not play Martial. He was rested on Friday. Why rest him again? Or at least Play Sanchez. Rashford had a bad game because he can’t play as a winger. If Ole wants to rotate he won’t play 2 of the only strikers we have in the same game.

    • Miloproductions1 says:

      I think it shouldve been either martial playing out wide and lukaku in the striker position or sanchez out wide and rashford up top. Dont like rashford out wide at all.

    • Alvin John says:

      +Manny 97 i think martial got injured during training so ole had to replace him

    • mikael feathers says:

      Manny 97 ole said ore match martial picked up an injury in training and no way he could play in this game. You’re an idiot thinking you’re a better manager than ole. Stick to fifa champ

    • Paul Is says:

      Rashford cant play on the wing period. His dribbling skills is terrible and his passing and vision is poor. His best position is number 9 as he is fast and has a powerful shots .So either play him as central forward number 9 or not play at all.

  15. He Is Yahweh says:

    I’m not gonna lie, there’s something special in Ole. I see him carrying the Sir Alex torch!

  16. John Eminah says:

    Whoever did these highlights must either be a Rashford fan or as clueless as they come. Where was the best chance of the game when Rashford missed a one on one chance with the keeper almost on the ground after being set up by Lukaku? It happened before the 10th minute but they conveniently skipped it. If he had scored as he should, the game would have been different. Burnley would have had to chase the game leaving them open on the counter.

    • j burggg says:

      as a utd fan, rashford was arrogant for not shooting first time on that lukaku pass. if it was against any of the top teams, he bags that first time. the end result of his attempt proved that. horrible. it was almost like he was called for offsides it was so casual. martial or lingard hit that ball first time.

  17. swazer72 says:

    Announcer: theyre on on course to win hear since the 60’s!
    Utd: hold my beer

  18. cliff ireri says:

    He made a mistake anyone can do that, stop blaming plus united did good by changing squad today. Can’t play same squad always they become prone to injuries..good point

  19. Max Patel says:

    How do you call these extended highlights but not show Rashford’s miss in the first half

  20. Gr3y North says:

    United haters coming out of their caves.
    And this was just a draw ?

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