Manchester United v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/11/19 | NBC Sports

Manchester United v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/11/19 | NBC Sports

Manchester United ran riot at Old Trafford to begin the season, routing Chelsea 4-0 to hand Frank Lampard and Christian Pulisic Chelsea debuts to forget. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterUnited #ManUnited #Chelsea
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Manchester United v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/11/19 | NBC Sports

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111 Responses

  1. Balint Barabas says:

    Chelsea are gona be Sarri for letting him go

  2. Edward Pena says:

    Wanted United to win it all the way but i felt for Lampard

    • T Mall says:

      Why, he knew exactly what he was getting into.

    • Eswar Vinnakota says:

      @Dr. Complex I know it doesn’t mean much to non-American fans but Clint Dempsey was always Captain America. Had a very tough, in-your-face, physical way of playing and you’d have to carry him out on a stretcher before he came out of a game.

    • Jonathan Delemos says:

      Eswar Vinnakota I agree, Dempsey was a rugged goal scorer and on his day was class for Spurs.

    • dossube says:

      Clearly…It was pretty sad…but you learn better when you get a whoop like this?

    • elsonlam says:

      Bad timing. Transfer ban. Hazard leaving. MU first game. Then Liverpool. Let’s be honest, both MU and Liverpool are big, rich clubs. One of them is the current European Champions. No shame in losing to them. But it looks bad when those 2 losses are the first 2 games.

  3. joshua akotia says:

    Chealsea stats

    Ist half:play like spurs

    Second half:like aston villa

  4. joshua akotia says:

    No lukaku no problem

    No hazard oops

  5. joshua akotia says:

    Pogba assist for 3rd goal ????

  6. Cisco The Red Gamer says:

    Chelsea went to Old Trafford 4-nothing.

  7. xin wang says:

    Chelsea actually played not that bad like the result showed, but defense was just atrocious. Especially zouma. Feel bad for Lampard tho, couldn’t buy players he wanted this summer but had to take most of the responsibility

    • Matt Shinn says:

      qertysef – can’t get them in winter, but can get them next summer

    • Matt Shinn says:

      Teufel Hunden didn’t have a choice. Who would you play?

    • Ramzi Sahouri says:

      I’m sure he will be dropped when rudiger come back. People don’t realize we were missing Willian and Kante too. RLC hopefully coming back soon too. We are still a power house. Just need our top players back.

    • Trevor Yee says:

      steven g Pulisic was Sarri and Kovacic we had to cause we could only use ppl we had last year.

    • Micheal Diemer says:

      @steven g because they bought Pulisic in winter and Kovacic was on loan there so he counted as a registered player so all they had to do was pay his buy-out clause

  8. MrJesusFG4 says:

    Watched full match, now watching highlights. Who’s with me? Lol

  9. Kieran Naidu says:

    Tony pointing to the number 9 on his back. You love to see it

    • Tony says:

      He should have always been the 9. He is a striker that can play wide.

    • Csokops10 says:

      @Tony yeah much better than Lukaku. He gave it up and took 11 when Zlatan joined the club.

    • Edgar Raya says:

      The speed of rashford and martial and pogbas vision coukd be real nice and the defence is looking somid just need another cdm a more physical presence in the middle and back line and man we are good.

  10. Christian Hernandez says:

    ole really fooled us all when he told u young would be captain

  11. movinbutnotshakin says:

    Pogba’s assist to Rashie is sublime

  12. Jordan DeBow says:

    6-0 to City
    4-0 to United
    Chelsea must loathe going to Manchester right now


    Why Zouma is playing like he is wearing adult diaper full of sand? Dude is moving like construction Truck

  14. Drew G says:

    lingard didn’t run around the pitch aimlessly today. vast improvement

    • The Contrivance says:

      He has so much potential I cant wait to see him grow?

    • silloweet says:

      Teenage superstar

    • Lay Lay says:

      @silloweet that dude is not no teenager, dude is about to hit 30

    • MelonHead1848 says:

      @Lay Lay I agree but in all fairness if he kicked on this season we could potentially have 4 to 5 great seasons with him which is where the key word ” potential ” comes into play.. if he doesn’t fully kick on this season I say let him go or make sure his wages don’t match the Rashfords and Pogbas

  15. Andrew Fradis says:

    Daniel James’ father passed away before he signed for Man Utd. When he scored you can see how much it meant for him, as he dedicated the goal to his father

  16. Derek Torrico says:

    Zouma is giving Mustafi a run for his money

  17. Keaos0 says:

    01:37 the intensity of the look on this guy’s face shows that he’d rather be playing than managing a team that is basically screwed for the whole season.

    • 90sdance Moves says:

      Keaos0 lmao frank could put on a jersey and boss that midfield right now

    • Alexander Dumas says:

      I’m a United fan, but I wouldn’t count Chelsea out of the season just yet. They played a good first half, and left a few starters on the bench. Respect in defeat, sportsmanship in victory. That being said, he does look quite pissed lol

    • Max Contreras says:

      Alexander Dumas no one would count them out fool
      The season literally just started

    • Jtmr.16 says:

      He was contemplating taking Barkley’s shirt and subbing himself in lol

  18. luis p says:

    it’s fine and fair to take the mickey out of a tema that lost 4-0 but let’s be honest chelsea played pretty good

  19. Ocelot Piggy says:

    Wan-Bissaka casually chewing gum after Rashford scored the PK?⚫️⚪️

  20. Ben Spradlin says:

    no Young, Jones, Smalling

    no goals conceded

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