Manchester United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/8/2020 | NBC Sports

Manchester United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/8/2020 | NBC Sports

Manchester United completed a league double over rivals Manchester City behind goals from Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #ManUnited #ScottMcominay #AnthonyMartial
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Manchester United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/8/2020 | NBC Sports

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98 Responses

  1. Maharaja Ramzan says:

    Man U totally outplayed Man City today

  2. Anjunae C says:

    Great to see wan bissaka succeed

  3. qp Liqwa says:

    Manchester is 🔴

    • TomClacy5871 says:

      It always was

    • qp Liqwa says:

      Tyler Wafflez It don’t matter Manchester is red and forever will be

    • Gossip Heart says:

      @Tyler Wafflez far behind us ?? In what ?? You’re being cocky like Liverpool fans who’re about to win their first premier league in 100 years.

      Name a Manchester City club legend, UEFA ban.

    • Victor says:

      Tyler Wafflez the city I truly know are actually a mid table club who had the mighty Richard Dunne at the back

    • Architect Shinamore says:

      Yes yes we know city is above United in the table, but to our favorite noisy neighbors it’s was delightful beating you thrice!!! thrice!!!

  4. Astro Tevo says:

    McTominay did well shooting it early rather than waiting for time to end

  5. Ethan Sang says:

    Great win, James and Martial should’ve both squared it to Bruno…

  6. Anthony says:

    United’s defense is very good 🔥

  7. Biggest Uno Reverse Card says:

    Ederson did say that he could play as a deep-lying playmaker…

    *_Well, he wasn’t wrong_*

  8. thegreatcalvinio says:

    Imagine Manchester United if they beat the lower level clubs like they do the top six?

  9. abdoulaye ba says:

    That was a clear penalty for Fred.
    Otamendi was nowhere near the ball

    • YbnAlex says:

      JPCompsHD idk but to me it seems like there is contact but not enough to consider it a pen

    • uJEREXbEAST says:

      @YbnAlexvalid view, but its DEFINITELY not simulation. VAR should have at least reversed the yellow card.

    • Murf181 says:

      @uJEREXbEAST I think the problem is, if var has to reverse the decision, it will have to review it multiple times and would have been forced to change the decision to a penalty.

    • Architect Shinamore says:

      Fred fell too easily but didn’t deserve a yellow card

    • Bonifilio Soto says:

      To be fair to the ref, at regular speed, it did look like a dive…but honestly should have been called back

  10. steven g says:

    Ole got pep’s number down. Wide forwards of James, martial. Pressing on the side not on the middle. Letting them have the ball in the middle not the sides. And a good sub, cause Brandon was getting abused by Mahrez.

    • jake zlomek says:

      Decharak Phutthakhin and you guys just got caught cheating

    • EliteMarksman 24 says:

      P JB Bailly

    • Architect Shinamore says:

      @Decharak Phutthakhin you’re not wrong but they’ve justified themselves as the noisy neighbors this season

    • J says:

      It helps when Man City has Zinchenko, Otamendi, Fernandinho, and Cancelo in their back line. Couple that with Ederson having his worst game in his Man City career and there’s no wonder

    • Raymond S says:

      Yes I see that parking the truck in the back and2 lucky goals oh by the way last time I check the EPL standing MU 5 City 2 😂😂😂😂

  11. Born To Kill says:

    If Matial and James passs the ball to Bruno , maybe ManU will win 3 or 4 : 0

  12. Ojuroye Yomi says:

    Earlier in the season or 1st half of the season, the characteristics of our team is that we are a good counter-attacking team, but struggle against smaller teams esp. when we have most of the possession, given that we lacked creativity because injuries to midfielders like Pogba and McTonimay and now we’ve since signed a good creative midfielder and improved immensely. How can we still blame the manager and not recognize the circumstance he was dealt with?

    • Arya Shah says:

      @Fernando Aguirre Right and interesting football are 2 different things. City play better Football than us? Are they doing good? With that team on a Paper, no

    • William Yung says:

      @Fernando Aguirre haha they defend better than us and are way more consistent ill give them that but we have much more talent and way more potential . I don’t think Sheffield utd could have pulled off what we did today. GGMU

    • William Yung says:

      @Balaji hmm the performance against west ham was not convincing at all tbh. much better tactics with Arteta than emery tho

    • William Yung says:

      @BeHappy ofc not just europa. we are currently sitting in a champion league spot bc of city’s ban. also we are catching up to Leicester and Chelsea now

    • Gabe Blackmon says:

      When you play smaller teams, you can’t counter attack because you already have the ball.

  13. Just a Random Dude says:

    This is the first win after ferguson era that actually makes me happy and I don’t feel lucky

  14. Tibian Zaman says:

    If you are looking for Sterling, he is in Wan-Bissaka’s back pocket

  15. Mankind19 Musa63 says:

    Me: how many times did Man utd score?

    Pep: Twice ✌️

  16. James Rodriguez says:

    This could’ve been 5-0 if anyone knew how to pass to Fernandes inside of City’s box! SMH

  17. Tibian Zaman says:

    Ole might have a hundred problems but beating City in the Premier League isn’t one of them

  18. Uduak Obong-Eren says:

    The commentary makes McSauce’s goal even sweeter to watch 😍

  19. Blactrick says:

    8:09 Dan James plays too much FIFA 20. Thought he could score a near post shot.

    • BoxOfOranges84 says:

      In FIFA 20 James would have scored, and if he tried to square it to Bruno, City would have intercepted it. Terrible game lol

    • Blactrick says:

      @BoxOfOranges84 yup. the game wants you to do things that don’t make sense but punishes you for doing things that do

  20. Evan says:

    If you wondering where is Mahrez or Sterling there both in Wan-Bassika’s back pocket.

  21. rgyvbshhgd says:


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