Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD1 | CBS SPorts Golazo

Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD1 | CBS SPorts Golazo

Manchester United has found their form under new manager Erik ten Hag. Their mettle will be tested by Real Sociedad and star man Mikel Oyarzabal.

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55 Responses

  1. abused fatty says:

    That was a harsh penalty awarded to real Sociedad…ball was shot only 5 yards away and it hit Martinez body before brushing his hand. Very unintentionally and I don’t think every ball that inadvertently makes contact with a players hand should be a penalty. Use VAR to establish purpose and a defenders intent instead of using it to automatically make the call easier or by “the letter of the law”

    • Easton Mackay says:

      @Ivan R Not if it hit his leg first.

    • CONEJOZZ says:

      @M. Sami fair comment, as a man United fan yea I can see how that’s a penalty because that ball was still heading towards goal since it skimmed his body first, it’s just a bit harsh. But that’s not really a fair compare to the erikson foul, when he got tripped up odegard didn’t even play the ball at all

    • Sam Kitty says:

      @Chris_breezy You are changing the situation to fit your explanation. I played this game for 62 years and 4 months, on all levels, and I speak strictly from experience. Calls ref makes are always subjective, and a matter of HIS experience. You can’t ref simply based on what the book says. Most things that happen in this game are not that cut and dry.

    • Daze Yare Yare says:

      No excuse man, a lose is a lose

    • Kijik1996 says:

      @M. Sami because they’re completely different situations. Eriksen was fairly clearly fouled whereas Martinez tucked his arms quite far into his body and the ball took an unlucky deflection and hit one. While the Eriksen decision is 50/50 and could have gone either way this was obviously not a penalty. Your bias is showing right now

  2. otani ayun says:

    maguire was doing so good on the bench…the moment he stepped on that pitch…total inspiration for the opposition

    • Mike Cane says:

      @RN the only reason why utd is winning some matches without ronaldo now is because erik ten hag came and he’s a good coach and has good tactics in game that helped utd that’s the only reason why utd are even winning games without ronaldo in the first place lol and look at last season when they played without ronaldo and without erik ten hag

    • RN says:

      @Mike Caneyou could see that the players did not want to play as soon as Ronaldo arrived. Same thing this season, when CR is on the benched, the entire team played better and pressed more. Look at his performance against Brentford and RS yesterday, he played the entire match and was the worst.

    • Mike Cane says:

      @RN funny how you mention utd losses when last season before erik came utd lost every game without ronaldo but when Ronaldo played and started he’d give utd a chance to win or draw and utd only finish 2nd because of all the injuries the strong teams faced and Chelsea under bad coaching and causing all those teams to play average while utd was able to reach 2nd place and it’s also funny that a team that reached 2nd place and 3rd place lost every game without ronaldo even though utd reached second before ronaldo joined but when utd played without ronaldo like before they always lost games so how is that ronaldo fault that he dragged utd to 6th place?

    • RN says:

      @Mike Cane where was him when MU lost 4-0 to Brighton last season and 4-0 to Brentford this season? Also, funny how his fans forgot that MU finished #2 and #3 before he returned and dragged the club to #6.

    • Mike Cane says:

      @RN just because he didn’t score against two top teams means his 18 goals are nothing? 😂
      And if ronaldo was finished like ronaldo haters claim then how come he scored 18 goals in a hard league on a bad utd who couldn’t mid field or defend and if ronaldo was finished then how come he became top goal scorer on a bad utd? And if ronaldo is finished then how come he became nominated for ballon dor?

  3. Argentiskyblau 15 says:

    Maguire was killing it at left-bench. Don’t know why they switched him up.

  4. Maximus Prometheus says:

    As a Liverpool fan it brings me joy every time United lose but that was not a penalty, however even more sad is that United couldn’t score an equalizer. But we Pool fans have our own problems at the moment hehe

  5. GRØUND TRUTH says:

    A loss is a loss, but that swipe from De Gea at the end was really nice.

  6. Justise Owusu says:

    never thought i’d see Ron playing in Europa League…

  7. Joga Bonito says:

    The handball. Everyone should always be outraged over every teams bad calls.

  8. N&S says:

    Martinz was brilliant, never a penalty

    • Jessy V says:

      wow there’s a whole lot of idiots or united haters in comment section for this one (coming from madrid fan) that was a shite call by the ref. Almost every time it’s off the defenders leg and then deflected on to the hand its a no call because it’s basically unintentional. I repeat no one can dictate where the ball is going to hit after deflection and it just happen to hit martinez hand after unintentionally.

      Even worse is that in the VAR you clearly see Martinez turning his entire body including his arms away from the defender to avoid the hand ball. In fact, his arms are moving towards the back of his body as he tries to defend. He’s a bit at fault for extending his arms away from body but still a shit call from ref. Hope there’s a fine involved for that. Let defenders defend.

    • Lothric says:

      @DonBridge The problem is that the shot is going goal bound, with the deflection it was still heading to the target since the hand clearly blocked the shot it’s a pen🫡 at least going by outdoor rules

    • dk nc says:

      Amputees would be the best players from here on.

    • R Wholemilkisgood says:

      @Mr Steal Yo Girl u not a utd fan then 😂

    • Miguel Zap says:

      @Butterpants1987 did his hand not block the ball from entering the goal? These penalties are given all the time.

  9. Kaoalu says:

    Ten Hagg starting maguire just tells me that he doesnt care much for Europa League

    • Roobxcube says:

      @David Amaya hahahahah

    • Ryan Perrault says:

      @David Amaya They need to bring in his replacement and find a buyer for him to get as much money back…may take a bit as his value is plummeting.

    • Football highlights Epl says:

      @Kaoalu I agree with the maguire part 💯 but as a great as cr7 was, no he can’t afford to have a shit season in a rebuilding United, can’t let him play just because he is a legend. And if he plays bad or show bad attitude towards the team, he still has to be held accountable

    • redfaction1278 says:

      @Mr Steal Yo Girl he almost gave sociedad a second goal. Did you even watch the highlights?

    • Kaoalu says:

      @Football highlights Epl Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time, he can afford to have a shit season at his ancient age. Maguire has done literally nothing w his career and magically receives the armband

  10. Eric Chavez says:

    The problem is not the penalty… The problem is that they didn’t even score

    • Humbert Trujillo says:

      Thank you

    • Victor Kreig says:

      @Eric Chavez you do not know how football works and you can to accept reality

    • Eric Chavez says:

      @Victor Kreig I mean you play to win right… So what are they getting paid for it’s there job… Do you make excuses in your job?

    • Hai says:

      @EasyMoneyMo Did you watch the entire match? He played like shit and can hardly be found on offense, and doesn’t help with defense. His rating was 6.3, lowest in his team. You can’t just look at “almost scored” goal then say he played good; well the fact is he DIDN’T score and played shit.

    • Victor Kreig says:

      Did you not watch the game at all?
      Sociadad basically played defense the entire time

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