Manchester United vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlihts | UCL Groups Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlihts | UCL Groups Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

A rematch of the 2021 UEL final features Manchester United seeking revenge versus their vanquishers Villarreal. Can new addition Ronaldo be the difference? Air Date: Sep 29, 2021

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49 Responses

  1. JayCFC says:

    Ronaldo once again proving his haters wrong, he most certainly will be there when you need him the most👏🏾

    • Joshua Brown says:

      @Pedro Ramos facts..

    • Joshua Brown says:

      @Roshawn Seeny how old are you

    • dany gonzalez says:

      @LuckyGee Haaland, I’m sorry but he’s not shown up in big this year, hence this year , idgaf about his shit goals in the prior champions , he has alot to improve or his soon to become a pace merchant

    • Robert says:

      @Siddharth Chandrasekar lol messi hasn’t even scored in a Classico since 2018 pipe down fanboy. Messi scores one goal and y’all hype him up. How about he scores in farmers league? Hazard has more goals against top 6 in epl, I don’t hear you saying he’s the goat lmao

    • Robert says:

      @LuckyGee the world where he played a winger and defined players like mbappe who want to cut in from the left and shoot

  2. Lexin 17 says:

    De Gea was absolutely world class today, he’s been this whole season tbf

    • Name Not Important says:

      @H Hassan Maybe if you put more exclamation marks people will actually start to care lmao you fucking boomer

    • Emmanuel Amah says:

      @J P3 Buffon Diet indeed

    • Cody Ferrell says:

      My thoughts exactly. Ole def got that decision right to keep his as #1. And that was a hard ass choice too considering that bad form he carried in the past for awhile and Henderson… and Henderson having good form… but he stuck with De Gea and it’s absolutely has already paid off already this season. He’s made saves only ole Prime De Gea could of made… Shit this could be Optimus Prime 2.0 this season for the Spanish lad.

      But Forza Roma bitches!!! Lol But Man U my 2nd love 😉

    • alexandre furtado says:

      @T W O L U N A S u think just scoring tap in goals makes him better

    • T W O L U N A S says:

      @alexandre furtado what are you talking about?

  3. CR says:

    Why isn’t lingardinho starting with Ronaldo? Great chemistry

  4. Isma_99 says:

    Gotta give credit to cavani, he’s absolutely showed that he wanted to win in that game and hustling for every ball he got.

  5. Joseph says:

    What a goal by Telles, that bounce threw the goalie off

    • timbo wilderbeeste says:

      He was unsighted for much of its path. You can see it not just from the line of the defenders in front of him, but in the way he was so late in reacting.

    • Skrappa RTR says:

      @timbo wilderbeeste The keeper couldn’t see the ball for most of the time

  6. namdaten says:

    Without De Gea we could have easily been 5 goals down and Suiiiiii to the rescue. Crucial 3 points

  7. Chun Wang Sin says:

    Really, without Cavani winning the ball back with his strong body, we cant get this goal.

  8. Royalty Exotic Cars says:

    Ronaldo game winning goal ! What more can you want?! SIUUUUUU

    • Nicksoccer07 says:

      @Emet 12 gives PSG the win? They were winning 1-0 what game are you watching?

    • H R says:

      @Execution-Victim let’s talk when ronaldo scores against a good team

    • H R says:

      @Itachi Uchiha vs young boys, newcastle, west ham, etc hahaha

    • Itachi Uchiha says:

      @H R bruh messi couldn’t score in 4 league 1 matches wich is a farmer league 🤣🤣🤣

    • Gracias Thanks says:

      @New World Without Me I admire both Messi and Ronaldo. The fact you resort to lie to prove your point actually makes Ronaldo look better. In that alleged tap inn sequence, after an amazing Cavani effort…Ronaldo actually headed a pass for a goal opportunity, then managed to win to position in case the ball came back, then got first to the ball, then kicked hard into a very crowded space with little angle, and scored. And actually this was a few minutes after he served a wonderful assist that almost was a goal. Not only your comment misrepresents what happened, personally I believe that the fact that Ronaldo oftentimes make it look easy is part of his greatness.

  9. TC Candler says:

    This Ronaldo kid is gonna be good.

  10. natsu21 says:

    Cavanis energy literally won this game.

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