MandJTV Reacts to NEW Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

MandJTV Reacts to NEW Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

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35 Responses

  1. King Olly says:

    Hi Mikey, hope you are doing well on your sabbatical, we miss you and look forward to your return!

  2. DramaLlama VA says:

    Everyone else is focused on gogoat and skiddo, being able to choose your order of play, and the new raid gimmick. I’m just happy that woopers type finally matches it’s VERY FIRST dex entry! The first mention of wooper being covered in a poisonous film is literally in Pokémon silver. It’s been two decades… and our woopy boy is finally a poison type.

    • Kirbe says:


    • A Shapeshifting Dragon Who Knows How To Type. says:

      @DemonEyeX || Amac Makes you wonder what other Mons old dex entries have similar situations.

    • netweed09 says:

      Yea but, GoGoat and JetSkiddooo thoughh.

    • Foe T says:

      Also I think Paldaen Wooper is supposed to be brown because of axolotls, because axolotls were discovered in Mexico or New Mexico and considering this region is based off of spain it just makes sense

      Edit: also wild axolotls are brown so that’s why woopers brown

    • DemonEyeX || Amac says:

      Lots of the regional variants do that.
      A-Exeggutor goes with the old entry of it growing taller in areas with more sun.
      Still neat that they’re looking back at old entries for this.

  3. Moon Pig says:

    really like the random element part, gives another thing to collect, just wished they didnt have the hats and just became crystalized, first one ill aim for is a onix with ice type

    • TheOrangeSheep says:

      So wolfey called it with the whole type change thing

    • levi evil says:

      @Louis Grissman well I mean it didn’t fail but it did fail story wise

    • Louis Grissman says:

      I wish the hats were there, just smaller, aka have a single smaller flower growing out the head, have normal just be a crown, fire be a halo/ring of fire, water be a rain cloud, etc

    • Louis Grissman says:

      @levi evil Are you actually sitting here and saying pokemon black and white failed. What are you even thinking

    • levi evil says:

      @Moon Pig that could work but people will get mad for the new gimmick is just a hue shift aka we remade shiny Pokémon but they change type

  4. BreezyCat128 says:

    I cannot wait to get these games. Everything about them looks amazing- I especially love the new Tera gimmick because I think crystals are pretty.

  5. Average Middleman says:

    It has come to my attention that briefly during the trailer sawsbuck is found in the wild in both its autumn form and summer form.
    This is the first time this has happened since gen 5 since before if you wanted a non summer form sawsbuck you had to have it transferred.
    So this means ether depending on the biome that will dictate the form of sawsbuck or seasons will be making a return in gen 9.

  6. ShadowDragon258 says:

    One small theory I have is that Jacq, the home room teacher, is actually from Kalos considering Paldea is based on Spain, which is close to France in real life, not to mention his name sounds French (at least to me)

  7. TrooLoo Gold says:

    Since there were sawsbuck in the trailer, I wonder if this means we will be getting seasons? Or perhaps different areas of the map will act as different seasons?

  8. Breez3 says:

    I know most people aren’t as excited about it, but seeing the different Sawsbuck forms in 3D is really fascinating, since we haven’t gotten the Summer, Autumn and Winter forms in any games since B2W2.

  9. Froe Loe says:

    It’s so weird Koraidon (scarlet legendary) still runs on all fours even if he already has wheels. Miraidon (violet legendary) looks way cooler as a motorcycle. I’m buying Violet now for sure because I don’t wanna ride awkward Koraidon running on all fours whilst having wheels.

    • Empathetic_ Chaoss says:

      @Frostdrop1 I get it, I don’t personally mind it but I completely understand not liking the look

    • Empathetic_ Chaoss says:

      @Rixec2 shit I should have know that, grew up on the Flintstones

    • Rixec2 says:

      It’s a shoutout to Flintstones. Their cars had wheels, but they operated them with their feet moving along the ground.

    • Frostdrop1 says:

      @Empathetic_ Chaoss I would’ve much preferred if koraidon didn’t have the stupid wheels. The second wheeels come out of their asses and the koraidon is so cute except for the stupid, stupid wheels. I was super excited fro the tribal theme and they messed it up so bad.

    • Empathetic_ Chaoss says:

      From the art we have seen I don’t believe that the “wheels” for Koraidon are actually spinning wheels. It seems like they are just, crests or something…. precursors to Miraidon’s wheels

  10. Waffle__01 says:

    Gogoat being available in the wild is one of the most amazing things to happen

    • Gian Razon says:

      Scarlet and Violet gave more love to Gogoat than all of gen 6 and 7 combined.

    • Jonathan Blaqk says:

      @Lawrence Baker
      Yes, but it has a terrible Speed stat and a good Sp.Atk stat. Honestly, I just wish they would switch the two and it would be instantly usable.

    • Louis Grissman says:

      I think it’s confirmation that gogoat is only native to mainland pokéurope, as it isnt in galar. Maybe if there is a russian region (Not happening ANYTIME soon), it could be an ice or normal type, and be way fluffier like a mountain goat!

    • Pikmin Master says:

      @Malik Ryan It hasn’t been in a Pokemon game in 9 years straight.

    • Ruben Duenas says:


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