ManningCast Cold Open – SNL

ManningCast Cold Open – SNL

Peyton and Eli Manning (Miles Teller, Andrew Dismukes) take a break from their ManningCast to break down what’s happening on the premiere of Saturday Night Live.

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37 Responses

  1. Paul D says:

    Miles Teller is ridiculously good at impersonating Peyton Manning. Wow

  2. SK M says:

    A smart sketch considering the huge change of cast. Smart move to show they are self aware of the vulnerable situation they are in and put it in the open.

  3. Courtney Rae says:

    This was definitely the best cold open they could have done with the cast change. Honestly brilliant and gives me some confidence that the show will continue to be good even though all my favorite people left

  4. Dave Muscarella says:

    This was a really good cold open. SNL making fun of itself at least shows they are self aware. And that Peyton impression was SPOT ON.

  5. Mike Conway says:

    Strong opening, excited to see how this young cast develops

    • Jennifer Gersch says:

      Yes, exactly!! Let’s remember that Kyle and Beck came on in 2014 for the first time, also when the cast was in transition. Mikey and Alex also did the same a season or two later. Let’s see what the new kids have got.

  6. Scruff D0g says:

    This was actually solid. They mad fun of themselves and the manning cast very accurately.

    • Brian V says:

      @NCHammer HOLD ON!! Did you just reply to my comment…. nicely and with some relevant opinions/thoughts? How the hell am I supposed to troll now? LOL
      btw —— can’t touch this🎤

    • NCHammer says:

      @Brian V That’s your opinion. I just see it as an actor letting the other actor be more prominent with his character. The character of Eli was supposed to be supportive and not stealing the spotlight from the lead. It’s just basic acting stuff.

    • Cody Taylor says:

      This was garbage

    • Jayson Carey says:

      @Brian V just like Eli!

  7. Jim Stewart says:

    Miles nailed the Manning vibe. A great start for SNL.

  8. Nayat Sari says:

    So self aware, “be real” and spot on! I love the way that they do their own parody. I laughed more than 5 times!!😂

  9. foefafee says:

    I like the meta way to address everyone’s nervousness about the season and start off on a great foot. Good sketch!

  10. Riclmnopp says:

    After further review…. I don’t actually hate this cold open. In fact I laughed more than once.

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