Mansa Musa Is The Richest Person of All Time 💰 | #shorts

Mansa Musa Is The Richest Person of All Time 💰 | #shorts

His wealth is estimated at $400 billion but many say its not measurable

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32 Responses

  1. Juice Business says:

    1. I work with Frank Michael Smith, Chef Roy, and Juice Globe. We all use the same studio

    2. If you do toss me a sub, I’ll take buff chick if you have it 🙏🏼

  2. 8132 Vaishnavi S says:

    When they say
    A man who is rich is someone who can’t even tell how much money he really has

    This man is the literal definition ✨✨

  3. MoliminousTheater says:

    and now we feed his country for the price of a coffee per day

  4. Rata1o1s says:

    Finally seeing something about someone I learned in history class

  5. ManyPotatoes M says:

    Apparently, he also crippled the economy of some of the places he visited…

  6. SlowingEverything says:

    There’s a lot of inaccuracies in this in fact he only traveled once for his pilgrimage to Mecca because he was Muslim and the only crashed the price of gold in Cairo for 10 years

  7. seallies says:

    He also became muslim. So that meant he had to go on big pilgrimages to Mecca. And he took a shit ton of camels, gold, and assistants to take along the way. He gave gold to random people and bought a shit ton of stuff in cities that he went to along the way

  8. purpleFrosted🇺🇦 says:

    “Scientists estimated that he had 400 billion dollars worth of gold”
    Elon Musk: impossible

  9. Alex Meek says:

    I’m almost certain octavian was the richest man in history as I remember reading that his wealth was north of 4.5 trillion dollars

  10. The Fanfictioneer says:

    jokes on him I know he crashed the Egyptian gold economy for years, on a pilgrimage

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