Mantis Karate Chops My Nose!

Mantis Karate Chops My Nose!

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Watch what happens when Coyote spots a feisty Praying Mantis outside of his room!

There are over 2400 species of Mantis in the world and so far in Costa Rica Coyote has already discovered two of them. However this Mantis is a little more feisty than the last one and really knows how to deliver a blackbelt worthy chop to the face!

Get ready folks…because this Praying Mantis knows karate!

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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20 Responses

  1. firewaterfire says:

    my mom got one stuck in her hair

  2. Jolie Ong says:

    Hi I wish to see you come in close contact with a bee

  3. Ethan Asencio says:

    They can fly

  4. TheHelplessKoala 66 says:

    Your videos are awsome! I whis i could do what you do, i love nature but
    where i live there is not many animals…. :(

  5. BENNS JOHN says:

    Your so cool!

  6. MHBHPlays says:

    woah woah woah. It can fly?!?! I didnt know that

  7. Jillian Huston says:

    make a video were you get bitten by a bear oh and the alligator bite video
    was intence

  8. KlubPranksGt says:

    I wish i have courage to touch different animals like u xDD

  9. Dwayne Abella says:

    Owwwwwww ????????????????????????????????

  10. WolfMoonStone BlueVine says:

    thank you for showing us around the world about the animals because i love

  11. Flaming Katana96 says:

    Why would +80 people dislike this?

  12. CHONG JIA HUI says:

    can you do a ep about catepillar

  13. Adham Jr. says:

    I love your videos! I was hoping that you’d make a video with hippopotamus
    if possible. Thanks you. Stay awesome ??

  14. PotatoCat says:

    “Idk why i would want to do this but IT JUST SEEMED LIKE tHE RIGHT THING TO
    DO, MKAY?!”
    MEEEEEE every day lol ppl are like why and im just ^^^

  15. Please don't reply says:

    he said dont look now dude!

  16. Matthew Loranger says:

    can you find a Japanese flying squirl

  17. 2DMAX Dgamer says:

    ASDF reference 3:50

  18. cool kid 22 says:

    my class teacher is at costa rica to help poor people

  19. Trevor Antonson says:

    Get bit/stung from a bullet ant already

  20. Randa Escobar says:

    And when I’m bored I like to look at your videos ?