Manything, the free app that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a video monitoring camera with live streaming, unlimited recording, motion detection and more. Use it for home security, wildlife watching or just to see what your pets get up to whilst you’re out!

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16 Responses

  1. Yasser Al-Mohandis says:

    amazing i just try it on my iphone and ipad its so goooooooooood would it
    be available for android??????????????????????????????

  2. Manything says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback. We’re planning an android version for the
    future and will keep all users updated with all our developments.

  3. Know Cannabis Know Peace says:

    Looks good. I’m looking for an app that streams directly to the cloud, and
    I believe this is it. Is that correct?

  4. ang jia he says:

    If can combine with android user is better

  5. Gilded Gladiator says:

    This is great … Except old ipods and ipads don’t have a flash bulb. So
    you would hear the break in, but you would just see darkness.

  6. Cameron Fernandez says:

    this is a cool concept and nice graphics on the video, but the voice is

    fifty shades babe

  7. Bradlee Ealy says:

    Not for android? 🙁 crud

  8. burgonyasalata says:


  9. John Doe says:

    Why would anyone have someone with that voice do a product placement video

  10. Janon223 says:

    Mr. Nibbles has some swag with that bow-tie.

  11. EVAN PØWELL says:

    such voice. much annoy.

  12. coatedexponent2 says:

    Mrs. Raiser? 

  13. 卍OM卐 says:

    What about Womanything? This is sexist!

  14. Hodor says:


  15. Zied Masmoudi says:

    I don’t have apple devices :(

  16. restoratation says:

    not all life has to be recorded and monitored :(