March Milkness Taste Test: Healthy Cereals

March Milkness Taste Test: Healthy Cereals

The March Milkness competition continues! Which healthy cereal will rule over the rest?  GMM #1511

Which of these cereals makes the best milk? Kevin and Alex are here to find out:

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59 Responses

  1. Max Wootan says:

    How did Rhett bring up a vasectomy in a cereal video ?

  2. Erika Rueda says:

    Rhett: You know what the K stands for?
    Rhett: Kellogg’s
    Me: …..oh…..
    Chem class is getting to me?

  3. CannaClarawrr says:

    Yaaaay! I love when Cuddle Queen Jean comes on!

  4. yoitsliteral Saujal says:

    Link: …used as soup crutons, so you know they’re gonna be good
    *Also Link: They’re not good, I’m not gonna argue with you*

  5. Gabriella Louise says:

    Special K, with dried strawberries is my fave _“healthy cereal”_
    I save the strawberries for last

  6. Scudzilla says:

    Glad to see Jean being more comfortable. There are significantly fewer cockroaches in this episode.

    Also she’s damn adorable. Love her personality

  7. Mr.E says:

    7:17 “Telethapy”

    Hmm, maybe that’s related to telepathy

  8. MrAwesome 1704 says:

    Next year you should do March creaminess and you test ice cream flavours

  9. Fernando Perez says:

    Rhett: You know what the K stands for?
    Link: Coochie

  10. Godminnette2 says:

    Rice Chex is one of my favorite cereals. I don’t know why, I find it really delicious.

  11. Julie Martin says:

    What world did you guys grow up in that you have never had Life cereal?!

  12. James Parker says:

    Ya’ll be sleeping on Life cereal honestly… Life is love, Life is life

  13. Tyler Connor says:

    I’m happy with this outcome. Life is amazing. Cinnamon life is the best episode ever.

  14. Christopher Carlson says:

    I know LIFE won, but you can’t truly experience LIFE until you’ve had Cinnamon LIFE

  15. NovaNinja64 says:

    Again, anyone else wondering why they have such a small amount of milk in their bowls? Am I an outlier that fills the bowl all the way up and thought that was the majority of people my whole life?

    • nkphelps2010 says:

      Cereal without a full bowl of milk is worthless

    • Queen Viben says:

      You have to consider how much product they’re using to test all these cereals. It’s probably to not waist so much

    • Kyle Moore says:

      Yeah, people who don’t use a lot of milk are the bane of my existence. My aunt and cousin used to get mad at me because I used too much milk in my cereal, but milk is like not expensive or anything so idk that was weird to me.

  16. The Only Vova says:

    These monsters putting milk before cereal

  17. Aliya Mae says:

    SO happy to see Jean back! ❤️?

  18. Andy says:

    Jean’s hair looks amazing, i’m glad she’s back

  19. Manboutu O'maeley says:

    Link has been keeping dink and sink it alive all this long. Thank you link. It’s my favorite thing.
    Dink it.
    Sink it

  20. Luna Bones says:

    I think they poured milk first and then cereal….they dont float like that -_-

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