Marco Rubio on supporting Trump if he’s the nominee: It’s getting harder every day

Marco Rubio on supporting Trump if he’s the nominee: It’s getting harder every day

Largo, FL (3/12/16)

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20 Responses

  1. Kaylia Sharrer says:

    Its hilarious how he lifts one eyebrow at the end. He is so pissed Trump is
    going to get the nomination.

  2. Luis Martinez says:

    watching the whole 10 min interview I have to agree with him although I
    don’t want him as president but he’s speaking the truth sadly,trump is
    divided the people up and creating a class/race war and just using the
    people’s anger to gain a vote, at this point to choose a president we have
    to pick our poison :/

  3. 1994CPK says:

    Prepare to lose Florida you Cuban fuck.

  4. Brian Galvez says:

    It’s like asking someone “Would you rather get killed by electric chair or
    firing squad?” In other words you’re fucked either way.

  5. bigbangnone says:

    Hey Rubio…. This is America…. WE SAY WHAT WE WANT !!!!!
    Stay in the race Rubio. We like your observations.

  6. Chef - Jitsu says:

    LOL, solid stance there bud. It was a yes or no question.

  7. Monkeyman Gaming says:

    He needs some milk

  8. thekingchrissyg says:

    Marco Rubio said if he didn’t win the nominee he’d quit politics, the guy
    is a total loser and doesn’t care about anyone he serves over. Do us all a
    favor, Rubio and quit before you get embarassed in your home state where
    everyone despises you.

  9. iC4snipers says:

    I know this is a bit of a cliche to say at this point… but where would be
    the best place to move it Drumpf or Shillary get elected? Canada, UK,
    Ireland, or Australia? Like which is doing the best financially? It has to
    be an English speaking country since I don’t want to learn another
    language. I’m also kind of disinclined about Australia because of all the
    big ass bugs that want to kill you.

  10. Patriot Independant says:

    i remember the first debate and the first question “do you pledge to
    support the nominee?” everyone politician excetp Trump nodded. now these
    lying politicans going back on their word. no wonder we all hate
    politicians. go #Trump2016

  11. Bend Metal Fitness says:

    Geez give that guy a bottled water for crying out loud! Go Trump!

  12. Keymo Embryo says:


  13. wangdangdoodilydang says:


  14. Pierce Sony says:

    Ted Cruz is the only true constitutional conservative , TRUMP, KASICH,
    RUBIO are fake, look at there records. Hillary or Bernie would wipe the
    floor with trump as our Nominee

  15. dimensionzombie says:

    lil marco

  16. Alice Lopez says:

    You could tell this was a genuine response by the utter wtf tone of his
    response and body language…never related to him like I did in these few
    seconds haha

  17. Streety101101 says:

    Splashes water around***


  18. Bootificial says:

    RIP Ruboto

  19. 8888stealth says:

    Let’s all just take a breath for a second people and break away from the
    presidency, and the politics of the parties. Instead who are we becoming as
    a nation? Did we really reach the point to where just random otherwise good
    people start going at each other because of the simplest differences like
    race or political party. It used to be the farthest political violence went
    was people with signs on each side of the street seeing who can chant the
    loudest of who they’re voting for. Now its death threats and physical
    violence. I’m scared for America right now, and I’m also scared for the
    world. I can only hope that the worst doesn’t come to pass as these divides
    in this country begin to strengthen.

  20. itzel powe says:

    You can just see his face. It says it all. If Donald trump becomes
    president we will go to war.