Marcus Mariota Throws a TD to HIMSELF on this Crazy Play! | Can’t-Miss Play | NFL Wild Card HLs

Marcus Mariota Throws a TD to HIMSELF on this Crazy Play! | Can’t-Miss Play | NFL Wild Card HLs

The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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75 Responses

  1. Dante Oleaga says:

    They still gonna loose

  2. RealKingFan says:


  3. Joshua Ruiz says:

    That’s pretty lucky 🍀

  4. The Sphinx says:

    Better than that bum Dez

  5. mritizwatitiz says:

    Giselle watching this game mad her husband cant throw touchdowns to himself.

  6. Ryan Jacobs says:

    I saw it live🏈

  7. LYLE LANPHEAR says:

    Best receiver on the Titans

  8. Wesley Sweeney says:

    Just how they drew it up 😂


    Genius play from him respect from Panthers fan

    • Cole Pratt says:

      BONGOFLAVAGOSPEL MIXTAPESEMPIRE haha good luck today, everyone says you’re gonna lose but hey, that’s what they said about the Titans

  10. Another useless commentor says:

    That’s actually pretty funny😂😂

  11. Wesley Sweeney says:

    Offensive coordinator: let’s throw right over Darrell revis head and let him bat it down to you

    Titans: sounds good to me

  12. Travis Takamori says:

    What kind of points would that be for fantasy?!!

  13. why me? says:

    Chiefs are trying to imitate the falcons

    • Cole Pratt says:

      why me? Lol they did a pretty good job both teams were leading 21-3 at the half and well…you know what happened that’s the great thing about football in soccer if the score is 3-0 you know there’s no chance for a comeback

  14. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna says:

    2nd receiving TD of his career I think

  15. IntroSpecktive says:

    Mariota is now the best receiver on the Titans

  16. capo Vaquez says:

    Chief to win 👌💯💯💯

  17. Stormy says:

    Titans: we need a plan that the chefs won’t see it coming Marcus: Hold my beer.

  18. Wolf says:

    *6th str8 home playoff loss 4 the chiefs….goobye Andy Reid* 😧😧😧😧

  19. Jarhead 71 says:

    This is what the Box Score says on this play, and I quote: “Marcus Mariota 6 Yd pass from Marcus Mariota (Ryan Succop Kick)”

    • mrhonolulu841 says:

      Jarhead 71
      It really can’t read anything different.
      Gotta give credit to the QB for throwing a TD to the QB.

  20. Jarrett says:

    “OOO you almost had it”

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