Margot Robbie Tattoos Friends Like Cara Delevingne for Fun

Margot Robbie Tattoos Friends Like Cara Delevingne for Fun

Margot Robbie talks about buying a tattoo gun on eBay and draws Jimmy her favorite image to ink on people.

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Margot Robbie Tattoos Friends Like Cara Delevingne for Fun

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19 Responses

  1. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    I want to be friends with her really bad. She seems like such a cool and
    funny person. ?

  2. Yummy Sounds says:

    In love….just in love…♥

  3. Jack Purchase says:

    I hope jared leto is on Jimmy falling soon!!!

  4. Bruno Medina says:


  5. -Leyla Wilson- says:

    tattoo machine*

  6. Hypercube1729 says:

    She has almost no talent, but she is so pretty that everybody loves her
    anyways. Just shows how much easier life is for attractive people. I mean,
    come on. Like she and/or Sofia Vergara have real acting talent. It’s so
    mediocre it’s mindboggeling they are such huge stars. Moral of the story
    is, just be pretty enough and the world will love you.

  7. Jim Gardner says:

    Jesus wept.

  8. waseem abohouch says:

    add my snapchat: mr-semo999

  9. Damian Plata says:

    shes bae

  10. WOMAN WeIgNS says:

    If you think her ex-boyfriend on Suicide Squad was crazy, imagine the
    people who let her tattoo them lol

  11. becks7 says:

    There are like at least twenty guys in the comment section funnier than
    Jimmy Fallon. He’s awful and his questions are stupid. “I’m getting worse.”
    “Why? Are you overthinking?”

  12. Christian Henderson says:


  13. Greg Lemieux says:

    I’ll let Margott Robbie tattoo me any time

  14. Slim Bevis says:

    Women and their obsessions with showing people their feet and tattoos.
    BASIC ASS BITCHES. Be somebody. Don’t be a run of the mill girl who tries
    to convince themselves their special when they’re not. And I’m waiting for
    the “this is a Jimmy Fallon vid” comment, but hey all women are like this
    and it’s apparent all the way from Jimmy Fallon to everyone’s snapchat
    stories around the world!

  15. Rafael Silva says:

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  16. SynQ86 says:

    The moment i saw her naked in the wolf of walstreet i was sold.

  17. kristie737 says:

    Margot Robbie is easily the biggest babe in Hollywood

  18. Voodoo Melon says:

    I’d fairly Margot her Robbie.

  19. Jaso AR15 says:

    She just sound like every other Australian 🙂 But our accents can very
    quite a bit between teh states as like in America.