Mariah Carey – I Don’t ft. YG

Mariah Carey – I Don’t ft. YG

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Director: Mariah Carey
Producer: Adam Paul
Co-Executive Producers: Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov

(c) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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20 Responses

  1. gabriel nova says:

    I don’t understand all this hate , I mean look at jlo , she’s older than
    Mariah yet no one bashes her for wearing what she wears and no one
    criticizes her for age or anything so stop the hate.

  2. Dream lover Diva says:

    Love Mariah, hate what her team makes her wear.

  3. anthony herboomanc says:

    mariah is hot in this video and the song is fire

  4. camrebirth says:

    MAriah is so Big and Fat, sorry but thats the true, and she can’t wear that
    kind of outfits.She’s an Icon, a Legend, she needs to respect herself and
    respect her own legacy!!!!

  5. Valdir Shakur says:

    Well Mariah, YOU’RE DONE, ACCEPT THIS!
    Meanwhile, Let’s see Big Sean and Eminem hits number 1 with “No Favors”

  6. nhokzville says:

    disgusting i wanna throw up…..

  7. The Glorious Sapphire Monkey says:

    this type of music’s Beyonce trying to make but yeah Mariah is the Queen of
    Queens of RnB Hip-Hop Rap mix. You did great! Love your new single!

  8. Bert Spoelstra says:

    Nice song, but should it be possible to stop touching yourself for just one

  9. Long Live└A says:

    ITS YG4HUNNID!!! One of the best outta the west coast.. Mariah still fine

  10. LungSusage says:

    please fucking retire. you’re irrelevant.

  11. Madonnita La Divah says:

    Mariah can you sing live?
    Mariah: I don’t


  12. kareem bul says:

    people jerk off to this

  13. Nigerian Astronaut says:

    This is the same person who dun goofed during New Years right?

  14. Ovojandro says:

    This song let me feels like i’m back in the 90’s good vibe’s ?

  15. Jessicabmw535iXDrive says:

    So fucking bad

  16. Mariah Carey says:

    Guys, stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc… Support Queen Mariah
    ?? The song and the video is so wonderful. She slay every one again
    ??? #IDont #QueenMimi #MariahForeber

  17. Donald J. Trump says:

    First Ed Sheeran’s new album, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, and now
    Marian Carey’s new single. Man 2017 is looking like a good year.

  18. WarNesha Crawford says:

    ??all I’m gonna say is James you took a big L and Fucked up???

  19. MR WOLFIE says:

    The dislike bar is the size of YG’s dick….

  20. Terri's Channel says:

    Love Mariah & this song but this video is ok but it would off been amazing
    if there was a story line in the video like we belong together just saying
    no hate