Mariah Carey: Icon Performance – Billboard Music Awards 2019 (Performance)

Mariah Carey: Icon Performance – Billboard Music Awards 2019 (Performance)

Watch Mariah Carey’s Icon Award performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.
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Mariah Carey: Icon Performance – Billboard Music Awards 2019 (Performance)

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65 Responses

  1. MB Channel says:

    she seems nervous. but the performance is still great. <3

    • Ariana Grande says:

      +Andre TxT no it was good stop lying to urself

    • Rein 18 says:

      I don’t understand why ppl say this tho, she’s been singing for years and without nervousness. I’m confused why ppl say this.

    • sanchez ortiz says:

      That’s just her excuse because her voice is no longer that good. She’s not nervous her voice is shot. Time to retire mariah while you still on top.

    • wantsomecoffee says:

      Keep believing that. You’re not used to seeing perfection I guess.

    • Derrick C says:

      sanchez ortiz actually she’s nervous because over the years when she’s had bad performances they make memes about it! The media made her self conscious during TV events hence why she avoids them! She’s always been better during her own shows

  2. TennisBelle says:

    That whistle register during “Emotions!” ♥️ #ICON

    • Lovincarz _15 says:

      +Richard moore her tone was great on always be my baby the C5 on wbt was great we havent seen her hit it in awhile after she messed up on the “You got me feeling” she recovered with the emotions belt and Hero she straight up slayed which we also haven’t heard fully live in awhile

    • Richard moore says:

      Lovincarz _15 you are right , we still loved her and no one will take it replace her legendary career !!! Is ok she is not young any more , onces we hit the 40’s our body starts to deteriorate, even our voice!!!

    • Lovincarz _15 says:

      +Richard moore yeah she has vocal nodules as any true fan knows which over time have gotten bigger allowing her voice to be unpredictable and lose some range in higher belts that being said she does a great job in singing around it but you still said she sounded horrible…not okay or nervous but horrible which this wasn’t

    • SmoothCrmnl80 says:

      I hate how the camera cut away during the whistle! I wish it stayed on her to show she still can do it LIVE!

    • Richard moore says:

      SmoothCrmnl80 right !!!

  3. mimi mure says:

    She did her thing. Omg and that last performance she did for hero. I was tearing up there cuz she had the choir there. Wow. Beautiful job ❣️❤️❣️❤️

  4. Oliver Lovebug says:

    Awwww! Her kids singing and dancing are the cutest

  5. #TheFandom says:

    And yes, she does sound nervous at first, BUT she loosened it up towards to end and I am hoping she gets the praise she deserves from the media 😌
    (shoutout to Taylor jamming along with the lambily)

  6. Jock Marais ASMR says:

    The crowd was LIVING! Taylor, I see you! I feel you! And Mariah didn’t lip a single note and still nailed it with poise! She’s finally gaining her confidence back and I’m sure her seeing all these A-list celebrities singing along to her classic hits and honoring her helps with that. Nobody deserves more respect her than Mimi!

    • jaydel3 says:

      +Reyna Brown REVAMPED That’s just being a mindless fan. She was decent. But like I said 90s Mariah was great.

    • jaydel3 says:

      +CareyMimi You literally just repeated what I said but in more detail. You are not supposed to sound as good when you’re older, and well she is much older. Hence, what we hear. Reaching a note is not great singing necessarily. Georgia Brown sings high and she’s awful. I mean the phrasing is kind of jagged/choppy as if it’s cracking or she is out of breath. It’s not a diss, just reality. We all grow old and it’s natural.

    • Jock Marais ASMR says:

      STEVEE LEE PHILLIPS SHOW nah. Mariah’s voice has deteriorated in the past couple years and as a fan who knows that and doesn’t expect anything SPECTACULAR like in her prime, I think this performance was great, considering her current vocal condition. Was it her best? Of course not. But she sounded way more confident and assured than she has recently on live television.

    • sweetangiegirl1 says:

      Somebody throw most of this thread away, pls. I’m not even an obsessed fan, but some.of you need to show some respect! 30 freaking yrs, people!!! She’s been slaying longer than some of these hater have been alive. I want want to see your accomplishments. Exactly. 🙄

  7. sphinx onyx says:


  8. Daniel Marchione says:

    She deserves the award. She is an incredible songwriter and her styles have inspired music today. Many artists continue past their former vocal abilities and change key and pitches to perform. She is not a fake industry robot or product of producers.

  9. Diego Intrieri says:

    She was nervous but got better towards the last songs! <3 Living legend.

    • fav singers says:

      Nah she just can’t handle her older songs no more.

    • shelBEEnautica says:

      +fav singers she started of with a no no fwi which is her newest song… and that’s the one she was nervous on a little.. and uh she just handled it right here!!!

    • blkindians says:

      Lol nervous and crying, I’m a lamb and i refuse to buy those excuses.

    • fav singers says:

      shelBEEnautica changes nothing I said. Her newer music sounds like she’s struggling to sing. And then she proceeded to struggle to sing in the next two songs because it was her older music…it’s just the truth lol I’m not hating I’m js

    • Queen Quantricia says:

      fav singers I agree. I felt like she was struggling but she made it through the songs. She still a legend in my book & I understand if she can’t hit them notes like she use to lol

  10. Ferris Olvera says:

    When she said “This is called We Belong Together” like the whole world don’t know! Humble Queen 😂💕🙌😍

  11. Daraka Juwell Music says:

    A No No
    Always be my baby
    We belong together
    Yasss Mimi!!!! I only hope one day I’m as good as Mariah that’s why I continue to post videos.

  12. Mike Wall says:

    What an icon. I don’t know anyone else who deserves this as much as Mariah

  13. saints fan says:

    im soo proud of her for going live vocally! I loved hero at the end.. I got teared up! Congrats to Queen MARIAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Marisa Pena says:

    she is such a masterpiece & will always have a special place in music & my childhood.

  15. Sophia Beauplan says:

    She reminds of the good times and her music displayed that. Such a talented singer one of the few of our century

  16. Danny Neyman says:

    Oprah was somewhere poorly lip syncing We Belong Together

  17. atolm1 says:

    Beautiful to see Mariah getting so much love from other artists and fans alike, so well deserved but not always shown; great energy during her performance. What a legacy, what a legend; so proud of her.

    • Richard moore says:

      atolm1 you are right and we all lover her but , she sounded very bad! The only part i liked was the whistle!!!

  18. ALEXAVVIER says:

    I find it cute she admitted she was nervous, regardless take that Icon Award Mimi!

  19. Jaz Tuitama says:

    I started YELLING when she hit that whistle register during Emotions

  20. Ingrid G says:

    Clearly, nobody can resist a Mariah song 😁😁

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