Mario Batali and Jimmy Have a Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

Mario Batali and Jimmy Have a Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

Questlove judges as Jimmy competes against renowned chef Mario Batali in a contest to determine who makes the best grilled cheese sandwich.

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Mario Batali and Jimmy Have a Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

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19 Responses

  1. Jeremy “Shadowbird712” Keil says:

    Mario goes fancy, Jimmy goes old-school. I don’t see how anyone loses in

  2. Ash Fadz says:

    Thought it was Mario Balotelli ??

  3. VoltarianGA says:

    This was great, but now I’m hungry

  4. SuperCoa97 says:

    Jimmy’s cup reminds me of ISIS flag…

  5. momak 97 says:

    Who else read Mario Balotelli?

  6. Casper Kellgren says:

    Mario is trying to convince himself that he doesnt have a extremely bad

  7. Blitz Gordon says:

    How to get fat with Jimmy Fallon

  8. Felicia Frye says:

    Looks like Mario was deep frying his with no much butter in the pan.

  9. Masterofall says:

    Dissapointed i was hoping it was Mario Ballotelli

  10. LindseyK93 says:

    Bacon is always a win.

  11. declanwhat says:

    It’s a fucking grilled cheese sandwich. Don’t make it fancy just eat it.

  12. Erin Maccagnone says:

    I would eat BOTH of those grilled cheeses

  13. SNOWMΛN says:

    Wow! He added the adition of vodka?! Thsi dude is a rebel!

  14. kingKan says:

    Jimmy always has the upper hand though because he probably knows more about
    quests favorite foods (like maple syrup in butter ….wow)

  15. truecoug2424 says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Fallon lose any of his little “games”. Must have
    an ego the size of a mack truck.

  16. GIGnome says:

    with all that fancy cheese, american cheese in grilled cheese is a must!

  17. Selina Nnadede says:

    I feel like the chef overthought such an easy, classic recipe just because
    he’s a chef. Like truffles? wtf??

  18. gi says:

    4:58 quest last take

  19. jj Da Vinci says:

    check out the beats in my channel. selling them. I’m a new and upcoming
    producer and need people to hear my work